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Sprinkles of gold

Jenna’s mystery boxes tempted me again! So glad I got one just for the Sephora by O.P.I. Its real gold leaf topcoat. Admittedly I decided the gold leaf top coat was fantabulous a bit late into the game, but Jenna read my mind.

bright tribal

I prefer the subtly of this compared to the man with the golden gun. Very impressed with the coverage for one coat. How gorgeous is Sinful colors timbleberry?! I’m evolving into a pink monster I fear. Although I’ve always owned a lot of lighter shaded pinks.

The tribal pattern isn’t very prominent. The green is a nail paint pen called from the brand Diva Couture similar to the Barry M ones. Except I picked this one up in the poundland. Compared to the Barry M ones the only problem I found is it isn’t very opaque, but then again I am  using it on bright pink. It’s double the size of the Barry M ones and I find you can do finer detail. My local poundland was sold out of them last time I was in.

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