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Strawberry sorbet with a side of blossom

You know when you see something that looks as if it was just made for you? Well I found it! It all started when Adri tweeted a picture of her franken amaze-mint. The gold shimmer in it bowled me over. Being a franken I didn’t think I would have a chance to own it, so I moved on. Until Adri posted this baby!

mories strawberry sorbet

Bright pinks don’t appeal me all that much, but strawberry sorbet is the exception. The flakie shimmer makes it special for me. I got talking to Adri about the frankens, and found out I could get my hands on them!! When making them she makes more than one, making them available for us lucky ladies to buy. You can buy them here.

fgt mories strawberry sorbet

Excuse the seche vite shrinkage. This is 4 coats. Mine needed an extra coat to what the FGT shop states, but my nails are longer. I will use it when my nails are short to see if I’m right in thinking that.

strawberry sorbet

Application was smooth, and I had no problems. This is my first time using a scented polish; It smelt sweet. The day after the smell was still there just not as strong. It’s scary how perfect some of these colours are for me. On my list to buy is sunset and maybe lemonade. Something crazy happened too! It came in a week from Costa Rica o.O not that I’m complaining.

strawberry sorbet shimmer

I chose to use strawberry sorbet first from order, because my blossom tree nail art (coming soon) chipped on my draw. I didn’t want remove it all so I settled for an accent nail. This is manicure is a favourite of my, and made me shake my nail feathers into gear.

Thank you 🙂

P.S. little fact I have never tried sorbet.

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