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Stud time

Trying to be clever sometimes just doesn’t work. I wanted to play around with the post name; all I could come up with was studding around. Which lead to horses, and we all know what stud horses do. Anyway enough of my mind babbling.

born pretty square studs

I ordered the 2mm gold square studs, and I have to say there’s a good amount of studs in the bag. One great thing I noticed if they don’t lose colour when coming into contact with nail polish remover. So you could reuse them, if you wanted to.

born pretty studs gold

It took me no time at all to stick these on. Being so small I thought it would take a while. Both index fingers took me two minutes. That’s fast for me. I wore the cross for 5 days, and none of them got knocked off.

born pretty studded cross

The cross felt very 90’s grunge for me, but I found myself liking it quite a bit. I did originally think the cross would look tacky, but against the dark blue I think the gold looks good. Seche vite also is a godsend with gems and studs. Keeps those suckers from coming off.



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