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Good job I started conditioning myself with regards to sleeping, because I got a phone call asking me to start my new job Monday. No more early blogging from then on ha ha.

illamasqua destiny and dino

Bet your thinking those studs look a dodgy colour, and that’s because I had been wearing this manicure for 6 days before I could find anytime to take a picture. By that time the topcoat had worn away from the top of the studs .

I can’t believe I own Illamasqua Destiny :O! The lovely Margaret sent it to me with a fabulous neon for my birthday, and I kid you not she sent it mid May and it didn’t come until late July. We thought it had disappeared!!! So I’m not sure if you know destiny was an Australian exclusive for the Chinese new year, and is two easy coats of perfection! To compliment the gold glitter I decided to bling up the accent nail in gold. Maybe went a OTT with it, but guess what? “I don’t care, I love it”.

Destiny will be a favourite come christmas for me I reckon.

Thank you.

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