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When the white rabbit is right

“I’m late, I’m late. For a very important date.”

My date being Christmas. Not sure how, but I did manage to get plenty of Christmas manicures done. Except I never had time to blog about them. As per usual Christmas was manic and full of rushing around. Then I went back to work. In the past 2 weeks there has been a lot of change. Along being constantly stressed over applying for a new job (the same job just not on maternity cover) that I desperately wanted, which I did get YAYYYYYY! I’m now a permanent member of staff. I’ve finished my voluntary mentoring just finishing off the scrapbook. Found a new balance in the shop that is working well, and started driving lessons again. Well my second one got cut short due to the stress making me a tad crazy and unfocused.

*ok so its another week since I wrote all this to finish it*

After that word vomit let’s go look at Christmas.

polish me to go

Now I can’t actually remember what I used for the base colour, but I did top it with polish me to go’s 2013 whats indie box exclusive polish. It glowed in the dark, just not as much as I had hoped it would.

sparkly blue villageAs you can see these nails were rushed, and I had no time for hand care LOL. I used the village view stencils for the accent nail.

snowy tree

triangle tree

Ok so my hunt for triangle glitter paid off….6 months later. A fabulous lady on IG created a triangle tree, and I can’t remember who it was. I decided to go for a snowy tree with a snowflake topper on top of a frosty background A.K.A the yellow nail coverer.

For this manicure I started off with ILNP black orchid, and used the present stencils on top with a-England St George to coordinate with the tree. These nails were pretty, but the black cherry chipped ridiculously fast. Not sure why either as my other 2 ILNP are fine. Will use it again to see what happens. Fortunately me for me my accent nail stayed put, so before the works christmas party I slapped on a holo red to get in the festive spirit.

decorating the tree

snowing treeSo I may have too much going on in this manicure, and realised that fact after it was too late. It made seeing the thermal change really hard.

orly mirrorball

These were my Christmas day nails! I loved them so much they even went into the new year with me. Holo wins me over nearly all the time lately.

Thank you



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Falling feathers

Today I have dancing with Nureyev from a england, and a delicate looking manicure.

feather manicure

a england dancing withI absolutely adore this manicure! The white feather water decals are great, but ridiculously expensive (don’t ask). It seemed fitting to use the reject feather charms from the shop. Now because I wear my manicures for more than 24 hours and I knew cleaning was going to take place today I swapped my accent nail, and added some bunny decals from the shop.

big bunny decalsbunny and feather decals

The larger sized bunnies were slightly too big for the nail, so there was an issue of creasing. It also lost part of an ear due not letting the decal fully dry before applying topcoat. Mr and Mrs bunny had to go live on my ring finger seems fitting.

Thank you.


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Yes I’ve gone for a huge nail change! Are you ready?!

a england her rose adagioBOOOOOOOM

Have I blown your minds? no I didn’t think so hahah.

her rose adagioWhilst doing my dissertation I had some scheduled shopping: a england’s 3 year anniversary sale and moyou’s new collection were my stops.

I got plate 6 from the new hipster collection, and I adore the images. I did stamp one of the triangle designs on a few nails, but turns out I make straight lines wobbly with squishy stampers…..

moyou hipsterThis pinky rose toned beauty is her rose adagio, and I am loving the ballerina collection. When I first looked up the swatches I was on the fence, but I adore the polish.

Thank you.

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A green indie party

Rubbish title I know.

Life has become stupidly busy, and frankly I don’t like it. I no longer have late nights; this is truly shocking as I’m a night owl by nature. My bloglovin feed is over flowing, and I’m getting a bit OCD about my nails A.K.A if they chip I avoid doing work for a valid reason. Ok so it’s only just become a valid reason.

The manicure coming up cam about when I was helping my mom fill in a job application. It took 3 hours!!! Obviously it made me freak out about applying for jobs after university has finished. Enough of my rambling let’s get onto the manicure.

st patricks day manicureReallllly dislike how the nail shape looks on photos, but not in real life hmmmm.

fgtep july

I’m incredibly lucky to own this Enchanted Polish and I will forever adore the lady who made it possible for me to have it. Especially seen as I tried to stay up for the restock and release of July at 2, and then fell asleep half hour before. Nothing new really in the EP world, but I will forever be happy with the 2 I own and at the actual price not the stupid ebay prices.

For my St Patricks day manicure I started off with EP July, and FGT polish Irish luck on my ring finger for a bit of bling. Then for the four leaf clover I stamped with a-england dragon. The peacock feather to me is lucky, and frankly I’m obsessed with peacocks so it was only right I added the gold peacock embellishment from the shop.

If you’ve read it all I thank you for reading my rambling.

Thanks for looking.

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Modern baroque

That is what I’m going with. My manicure started to go wrong, so I decided on a new approach: Modern baroque. Modern because I don’t have a damask stamp.

playing with gold foil

baroque style nails copyThe base for this manicure is a-england Galahad, and I have to say I’m in love with it. In dull lighting it’s teal, and in bright lights it’s a blue that pops. Over the top I stamped with a-england Tristan as it seems the scattered holos from the lovely Adina are great for stamping, as I’ve seen on other bloggers manicure’s. Now the stamping is not the best at all. Some nails the image printed smudged, and on others I missed bits off. Really can’t wait for my new stampers to arrive. The gold foil was meant to go on in a set design, then that epically failed when it transferred onto part of the nail that had no glue on -_-. Not cool man, not cool.

baroque style nails copySometimes I love baroque style, but then sometimes it can be a bit over the top. Luckily I like these nails. Question do you find different colour foils react differently to topcoat? My blue/green foil remains the same with seche vite, but with this gold foil it completely took away the shine and stripped some of it down to silver :(.

Thank you :).

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