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The only part of Autumn I like is the leaves falling, and the variety of colours we get to see. Autumn means cold, and we are that much closer to winter  -_-

autumn leaves

Margaret surprised me with the HB06 plate!! SQUIRRELS all they way. Ours hasn’t reappeared in the garden since september, and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t gone into hibernation.

squirrel nails

This manicure feels like a bit of a fail to me. It took me ages, and then I messed up slightly so I rushed the rest ughh.

golden squirrel

My squirrels stamped perfectly then the top coat made the left hand one run :'(.

earthy toned autumn nails

I started off with a brown base from nails inc and then sponged a bunch of metallic’s on top. Then stamped the leaves on, which are on the same plate. On the ring finger I used a gorgeous burgundy/ox blood-red, and top it with the Sephora by OPI gold leaf top before stamping on Mr squirrel.

Thank you Margaret, and everyone for reading.




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I carried a watermelon

I’ve always wanted to say that after a teenage summer full of watching Dirty Dancing. It was my early teens no need to worry ;). Ulta’s watermelon should have been called I carried a watermelon in my eyes.

My lovely new godmother 😉 Margaret sent me a little care package from Australia that coincided with me being ill. Fortunately I’m slowly getting better, and can work my way through my goodies. Was a bit disappointed when I forgot about eating my last TimTam. Why do these things happen?!

ulta stop the pressesI was on the fence about black and white glitters, then Margaret pushed me over it with Ulta’s stop the presses. It’s fabulous! I decided to run with the black and white theme by using Born Pretty Stores QA50 plate, some Avon Barbie stickers, and She Sells Seashells black bow rhinestones. I started off by stamping a white frame….I can’t stamp straight or on centre, so it’s artistically off centre ;). Then I placed Barbie’s head in the frame topcoated it, and then placed the bow rhinestone on. As with all rhinestones and studs I just topcoated it to seal it all in.

ulta watermelon We have a few issue with bubbling, and frankly they aren’t done perfectly, but I like them. Thank you again Margaret for your kindness! Everyone needs to own Ulta’s watermelon it’s such a refreshing colour.

Thank you.


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Getting shapey

I really should learn doing my nails and working with stripping tape with a headache doesn’t work well.

Getting my tape on again with a design I’ve seen on Polly polish, and have attempted previously for an accent nail.

 light tape mani

This wasn’t my original plan for the holographic base, but I’m so glad I changed my mind. The pink is one of my untrieds and I love it.

holo tape manicure

Not my best, but it does the job.

dark tape mani

The holographic isn’t very strong in these photo’s, but its pretty evident in real life (that makes sense right).

avon and gosh

Yep I used Gosh holographic hero, and Avon’s Arabian glow polish in funky fuchsia which I snagged in the sale book yonk’s ago.

Feeling a bit off my game lately, and when I get to clean up I seem to get fed up half way through. Need to get myself out this rut.

Thank you.

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I fell down the rabbit hole ()_()

This is all the outcome of a splatter manicure that didn’t start well, and I needed to save it. Enter rabbits! I’m feeling pretty proud about these nails, as my nail art is usually rubbish. My right hand actually turned out decent :O shocked myself with that one.

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A skittlette pick me up

You know I’m a big nail polish recycler , so after the funeral I thought I would try and cheer myself up a bit; Skittlette mani style!

blue kitchen sink mani

In keeping with the gold I taped a cross on my index finger. Well I hope it resembles a cross anyway. For my middle finger I decided a bit glitter was needed. There’s been a lack of glitter around here lately, but that should be all fixed now that I have my pva glue in a bottle. Waiting for an empty to arise took ages. I have no idea why my index finger nail looks so rounded with the gold on top.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty, Essence in Jacobs protection, a-england in lady of shallot, Nails inc in Sloane gardens, Avon nail wear pro in gold vision, born pretty 2mm gold square studs, and seche vite.

Thank you.




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