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Texture gradient

that was a big fail.

bday nail failThe problem was I painted some of the blue on the bottom for a darker colour, then sponged some blue on. It just didn’t work, and my accent nail looks out of place.

texture gradient failHere’s the funny part I did a quick clean up, and it was better than my normal clean up aha.

Thank you.

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Zoya Payton the blackberry

I tried to talk myself out of Zoya Payton I really did, but its too beautiful to resist. On the plus side I found a site where I can purchase Zoya’s for high street prices which is a huge help.

zoya payton and barry m countessSorry about the tip wear.

zoya oaytonIt even compliments my pale skin tone. Such a vampy colour.

payton and accent nailFor a quick accent nail I added Barry M countess and dotted some topcoat on. The dots are a lot more visible in real life. Countess is a shade I’m looking forward to seeing top coated.

paytonI’ve also found a nail length that I’m happy with for squared off nails. Sadly one broke, but I refuse to file and cut them down because they took ages to file and I absolutely hate filing with a passion. The smell of it is blergh.

Only down side for me and Zoya’s is the topcoat business. This time I added Butter London fast dry topcoat which isn’t very fast drying for me. It hasn’t made a difference on the wear time sadly, so sadly tip wear appeared within 24 hours. It is still one of my favourite polishes just for the gorgeous colour. It reminds me of blackberry juice when applying. Way back when I used to be covered in the stuff from blackberry picking with my parents. I think I may have to go blackberry picking this year, as it’s been a few years since I’ve been.

Thank you for reading.

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Greedy green

Knightsbridge Green from Nails inc is absolutely gorgeous.  It was a part of a set my parents (who are very supportive) got me for Christmas. Anyone else associate Knightsbridge with Harrods and lots of money? I do anyway, and took some inspiration from my crazy association in the form of gold and gems. Cus you know who doesn’t have a nose at the jewellery section in Harrods?

I took part in my very first swap last week with nail loopy. She is a lovely person, and I want her glitter placement skills! She is now the proud owner of O.P.I Pure, and I’ve ticked the man with the golden gun! Two families have now been created with the mommy (pure), the daddy (mwtgg) and the baby (sopi it’s real!).

nails inc knightbridge roadI apologise for the fingerprints on my nails which I have only just noticed typing this up. There isn’t a hand care routine round here…..hand cream is something that I forget and neglect. Lately the have been dry, so its a quick fix of slathering crap loads on before the camera comes out oops.

To say these were done in bed with ice on my back (finished my physio exercises) they aren’t bad. Once I slapped Knightsbridge Green on I added a pretty green flakie from Nails inc called Lumley Street to my thumb and little finger. It’s actual more visible than in the photo. On the middle and index finger I added O.P.I gold topcoat (mwtgg). Then on the accent nail stamped some gems.  A full image stamped straight and covering all the nail is a big first for me! Forever stamping wonky. The accent nail on my right is stamped more clearly. Most likely as I had cute my finger on the pad on the right hand.


better on the rightEven though I have the Konad black I seem to forever ignore it in favour for the Barry M gold and silver foils. They make stamping SO easy.

Did my Knightsbridge/Harrods inspiration shine through?

Thank you for reading :).


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Just one of those days

you can fill in the rest of those lyrics if you like. Yesterday was one of those days. Manicure one was going wrong half way through. One of those too many coaters that I added a glitter gradient too, a nail accessory I stupidly didn’t bend first, and just general ugh. After all the time it took I thought fine whatever its staying on. Real life intervened food needed dishing up, and the kitchen needed sorting after. It actually turns out Butter London’s fast drying topcoat doesn’t work well with nail art or multiple layers of polish. There was no fixing it. It occurred to me whilst ironing why it all went horrible, because it wasn’t what I originally planned to do. So that’s what I did. It didn’t pan out how I had hoped though.

revlon valentinesRED JELLY!!! Thank you Hannah. I see a ladybird jelly sandwich in my future. The beauty is hidden by my silly idea of topping it with a flakie topcoat, then adding dots.

revlon hollywoodThis Barry M texture is amazing. Purely because I thought it was dry and tried to stamp a gold squirrel that moved the whole polish with an odd-looking squirrel. Bit of prodding and another coat of lady and all was well. Even if you can still see the gold coming through……..its for effect okay ;). No idea how the dotted heart came about at all. Just kinda did it. Accidental valentines nails it seems.

lady and hollywood heart


It being a new year yesterday I did ‘something new’. That’s right I shocked myself with it. An exploder is what I am, so when I’m getting annoyed for a better word of it, it comes out. Especially when I’m at home. Don’t worry in a professional setting, and in the presence of complete random people it can be contained. Yep plaster a smile on that crap, and expel it when I get home. The explosion was contained greatly go me, until I woke up with a blinding headache most likely from the tension. That ‘something new’ will not be a new years resolution for me. New years resolutions aren’t really a thing for me, but I got to thinking in terms of my blog/hobby. Here’s what they are:

1) Carry on enjoying blogging. It provides me the perfect space for me to just do what makes me happy, and try to relax. I try not to fill it with personal things. Case in point this blog post haha. This blog was born from stress, and that’s why I don’t set myself exact days I post on/how many times I post a week/tell myself to never post a manicure that’s rubbish. It works well for me, and I do miss blogging regularly when its the end of semester at university. Crazy to think a blog could give me so much, but it does.

2) Heres the funny part: try to stick to my wish list. Stress shopping is a bad habit I need to kick even if it’s a bargain. Not that I regret my pretties!!

Can’t tell you how much better I feel now I’ve expelled some of that, even at this late hour. So thank you if your still reading, and for sticking with me people.

Thank you.

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Trying new things

Everything in this post is new to me, as they were all presents, but I wanted to talk about my new topcoat. Topcoat talk will be at the bottom of the post.

bIMG_4278Lacquer lust aquamarine is the polish that wasn’t included in my Christmas present haul post. Saira picked well didn’t she?! Aquamarine is my birthstone, and I gravitate to blue a lot. Thank you Saira! To be all sentimental on new years day I have to say I’ve created some great friendships this year, and getting to see Saira the last 2 times I have been in London has been great. Lets face it anytime I’m down there I will try and see her. This year I hope to meet up with 3 other ladies that are amazing. I really wish I could meet up with my American friends, but I can’t see that happening anytime soon :(. Totally off subject but has anyone got bored of flying as they have gotten older? I flew to Florida when I was 18, and although it was a bit meh and I got horrid jet lag it was fine. Fast forward to this year a 3 hour flight drove me bonkers!!! I was SO bored, and just wanted to be there already. Pretty sure I bugged the hell out of my fiance.

sIMG_4280You know I said I disliked textures well it turns out I don’t. Barry M’s were on my Christmas list, and I have to say I’m loving Lady. There wasn’t any issues with dry time like I had with the Zoya that swiftly left my collection. It took 3 coats for full coverage, and I was skeptical on how thick it would look on my nail. Thankfully it isn’t thick at all, and better yet when I added the dots they seem to have absorbed into the texture leaving no blobs…….kinda want the other 2 from the collection. Must resist though.

I used O.P.I my favourite ornament on my thumb and pinky finger (ohmagawd I love it. The pale gold is gorgeous). No issues with application. Lets face it O.P.I will always be a love of mine, and I’m still hankering for the man with the golden gun.

O.P.I was last years (sounds weird 2013) gold/silver leaf topper, and it applied fine. No fishing was needed all I had to do was rearrange them on my nail with some dabbing. Funny thing happened yesterday. Me and one of the ladies in sally’s got talking about the gold leaf topcoat. She said she hated the man with the golden gun, and promptly said I’m buying pure when I showed it her on my nail. She felt the man with the golden was mustardy looking.

You probably can’t see it but there is some stamping on my middle finger. I stamped with a Sally Hansen chrome, and it didn’t work to great. Unfortunately my new topcoat smudged and dragged the stamping -_-.

pIMG_4279Lets talk topcoat. Now you all know I’m a Seche Vite lover through and through even when its being a pain in the bum. In my Butter London set I got a base and topcoat. The fast drying topcoat intrigued me. Would it dry as fast as SV? I didn’t actually time it, but it was fast drying. Not as fast as SV, but nothing to moan about either. So yes I could use it regularly. It isn’t as glossy as SV which makes me a bit sad and slightly OCD, as I doubt anyone else in the house would have noticed that. Glitters are such topcoat eaters and usually after a coat or 2 of SV all is smooth. Not the case for Butter London P.D quick topcoat. After 2 coats on the glitter it still isn’t anywhere near as smooth to touch as it would have been with SV. Personally I feel I would avoid the topcoat when stamping as it started dragging the stamped polish down my nail.

All in all I will use it may not create the gel look I’m often complimented on, but it does the job well. So thumbs up to Butter London on that one.

Hope you all had fun last night, and have a great new years day!!

Thank you for reading.


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