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Peanut butter jelly time!!!

Your singing it aren’t you?

This polish has been in hiding since my birthday in March ready for Autumn. It was a present from my polish momma. The wonderful peanut butter and jelly from whimsical ideas by Pam.


pams whimsical ideas pb&j

The whole packaging is adorable!

pb&j with feathers

I wasn’t sure how many coats I would need for full coverage, so I started off with a base of honk if you love opi. It is a lot darker than peanut butter and jelly. Just means I have to try it without a base colour sooner ;). On both hands I did a bit of feather stamping. This is my right hand (non dominant) which I prefer. I used born pretty QA40 plate, and Barry M gold foil. On this hand there are three different feather images used. I seem to be using this plate a lot lately.

pb&j with some holo

For the accent nail on my left iconic effect holo topcoat was used before stamping. Personally I don’t like the colour with holo on top. For the stamping I stuck to one image, and stamped it side by side in opposite directions.

Peanut butter and jelly is a gorgeous shade. Except me no likee peanut butter and jelly to eat.

Also I missed my blogs birthday on the 14th of October oops. I’ve also entered a competition over at Taras talons, so if you could vote for me I would appreciate it :). Thank you.

Thank you for reading, and thank you Inky.

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I carried a watermelon

I’ve always wanted to say that after a teenage summer full of watching Dirty Dancing. It was my early teens no need to worry ;). Ulta’s watermelon should have been called I carried a watermelon in my eyes.

My lovely new godmother 😉 Margaret sent me a little care package from Australia that coincided with me being ill. Fortunately I’m slowly getting better, and can work my way through my goodies. Was a bit disappointed when I forgot about eating my last TimTam. Why do these things happen?!

ulta stop the pressesI was on the fence about black and white glitters, then Margaret pushed me over it with Ulta’s stop the presses. It’s fabulous! I decided to run with the black and white theme by using Born Pretty Stores QA50 plate, some Avon Barbie stickers, and She Sells Seashells black bow rhinestones. I started off by stamping a white frame….I can’t stamp straight or on centre, so it’s artistically off centre ;). Then I placed Barbie’s head in the frame topcoated it, and then placed the bow rhinestone on. As with all rhinestones and studs I just topcoated it to seal it all in.

ulta watermelon We have a few issue with bubbling, and frankly they aren’t done perfectly, but I like them. Thank you again Margaret for your kindness! Everyone needs to own Ulta’s watermelon it’s such a refreshing colour.

Thank you.


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Chevron studding

Seems I’ve got a thing for chevrons lately. It may or may not be the fault of my new Laura Ashley birthday dress. I didn’t want to stamp chevrons on, or free hand them. Just imagining myself free handing them makes me laugh. Had a little mooch through my nail art case and came up with these.

1.5mm silvercircle studs

My 1.5mm silver circle studs from born pretty store. Now I have never used studs in such a big quantity before, and my god it too me forever. OK well not forever but a while.
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Vegas baby!

Recycling: I’m at it again with the very same cross. Seems I like those little crosses a hell of a lot. This time it’s plain, but bright.

nailtiques vegas with studding accent

The sun came out, and I got all excited. By sticking my arm out of the window. Sorry about the rubbish photo. The red is Nailtiques Vegas. The colour is brighter and shade lighter than it appears in the bottle. Which I personally like.

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A skittlette pick me up

You know I’m a big nail polish recycler , so after the funeral I thought I would try and cheer myself up a bit; Skittlette mani style!

blue kitchen sink mani

In keeping with the gold I taped a cross on my index finger. Well I hope it resembles a cross anyway. For my middle finger I decided a bit glitter was needed. There’s been a lack of glitter around here lately, but that should be all fixed now that I have my pva glue in a bottle. Waiting for an empty to arise took ages. I have no idea why my index finger nail looks so rounded with the gold on top.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty, Essence in Jacobs protection, a-england in lady of shallot, Nails inc in Sloane gardens, Avon nail wear pro in gold vision, born pretty 2mm gold square studs, and seche vite.

Thank you.




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