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should have left it alone

When I heard chubby owl polish was shutting down I had a bit of NOOOO moment. I love her milky bases, so I proceeded to buy whatever took my fancy in her closing down sale.

uni pink neon jellyPink paloma is gorgeous…then I went over board adding things. Like that china glaze orange that insists on forty thousand coats, and therefore looks thick.

pink an orange uniOh well no doubt I will go ott again.

Thank you.




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Chevron experimenting

I’m a bad blogger I’ve had some posts ready on here, but I haven’t had the time or even the energy to post when I have time.

For those of you who follow the shops social networking profiles you will see we are venturing into vinyl. It also means I get to test them out ;).

ugly colours

Please ignore the horrid colour combination. These are the small and large relaxed chevron stencils, and of course Cinderella. Couldn’t help but think she is saying WT* and it made me giggle every time.

Poor Cindy isn’t as glossy as she usually would be as my Seche Vite randomly smashed in the mani bag -_- had to put up with the fast (slow) drying Butter London topcoat.

experimentingThis was worn for 6 days before I could get a picture, and as you can see there was no time for clean up and it wasn’t executed very well in the start off. This manicure features the large chevron stencils, and the hat wearing bunny (he is the bomb).

watermelon chevronWatermelonnnnnnnn thumb. My other hand never ventured into the land of green chevrons o.O.

Thank you.

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Slap and dash

Lately my nails are being done once a week, which I’m not particularly happy about, but you gotta do what you gotta do. In a rush to get to my fiances I literally grabbed my polish bag, a polish that was sitting on the side, the embellishment box (was next to the bag), and a matching polish that lives in its spot (OCD about the bottom polish draw).

milky baseI feel as if my iconic effect holo top coat works best on light colours. It makes them look like creamy holos in my head.

star accent holo

holooooooThe milky based polish was a present off a friend, and it’s so prettttay. I did struggle a bit with the formula. It was hard to use thin coats, so I had to use 3 thickish coats. Didn’t really do it justice in my rush application, as you can see by the bare spots. On the ring finger is China glaze for Audrey topped with Iconic effect holo topcoat. For a bit of bling I added a 5mm star from She Sells Seashells. I got a bit clap happy with the SV. Hopefully that explains the mess.

Thank you 🙂



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My acrylics

No I’m joking I haven’t had acrylics put on. Well today’s nails ended up that thick they looked like acrylics and I was even asked if they were.pinky gradientThey don’t look too thick in photo’s, but they are trust me. Believe it or not this is a gradient of pinks. I tried sponging them on, and it wasn’t showing to well so I quickly painted a bit on then sponged the top bit with the 2 pinks which didn’t look that bad except I had to put a thick layer of polish on for quickness (I was going out). It was a weak looking gradient, but it looked nice UNTIL I decided to put china glazes fairy dust on -_-. I have no idea why I tried this polish for the 4th time, because I’ve disliked the drying time even with seche vite every single time!!! Bare in mind I had 2 hours to do my nails jump in the shower, blow dry and straighten my hair, then put make up on. Usually 2 hours is enough. Not with fairy dust it isn’t!!! In the shower I was constantly pushing the dents out.

china glaze fairy dust gradientI squared my nails off again. This time round I’m finding them easier to deal with being squared compared to last time I squared them off. Anyway my top matched my nails which was my aim so all was not lost thankfully. Getting rid of fairy dust though.

Thank you 🙂

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Are we there yet?

China glaze flying dragon didn’t even last a full 24 hours without chipping *sigh*. So I swapped it for O.P.I Are we there yet? which is an orange shimmer to compliment the neon orange glitter on my ring finger.

opi are we there yetMy camera doesn’t like this polish it seems. It’s making it appear more red toned and warmer than it actually is. It’s a beautiful colour, but I dislike the formula.

opi are we there yet with lush lacquer clowning aroundClowning around makes me happy every time I look at it.

Thank you :).



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