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12 Days of Christmas challenge 12

Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you all got what you wanted, and are having fun with family! Its the last challenge today. I’m proud of myself for finishing this challenge. I’ve completed every challenge on time, and have been super organised. It’s forced me to try things I probably would have avoided doing. Shown me I can do more than I think I can. Also completed the whole thing whilst real life has been crazy, full of assignments, and a chest infection thrown in.

xmas challenge

Mr Claus was another mani I did whilst having a chest infection, so its another accent mani like the elves challenge. For my Santa I googled and came across Spektor nails Santa. He was quick and easy to do.


I stuck with the holo gold glitter continuing my elves theme. My Santa looks a bit drunk ha ha. The base is Sally Hansen quick sand; When I saw it in the pound shop I thought I need it for Santa or he will have a sun tan. I don’t really own a real nude shade. I taped off the area for his hat. Free handed his beard. Then added all the details. Everything was going fine until I got to his mouth. Started out with a thin red line then it messed up. Looked like a 3 year old had put lipstick on him HA HA HA. Was pretty shocking. The dotting tool came out again to clean up his lipstick stains.


I’m sticking with my Santa was drunk, and had a run in with some lipstick. Sounds plausible right?! I’ve never done a Santa before so I’m pretty proud. Especially as he’s on my left hand and I was in a rush, because of my chest infection and the fumes.The challenge is now over wah wah wahhhh. Now it’s time to play with my Christmas goodies!!!! I will post up my Christmas when I can.

Products used: Stripping brush. Dotting tools. Sally Hansen double duty. Seche vite. Sally Hansen insta-dry quick sand. Nails inc St James. O.P.I My boyfriend scales the walls. Models own nail art pen in black. China glaze angel wings.

Thanks and enjoy Christmas everyone.

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12 Days of Christmas challenge 11

After this challenge there’s ONE more left :O where has the time gone. Here’s a bit of tinsel for you.

xmas challenge

This has been the easiest challenge of them all. I would have said holiday song, but you all know I did it left handed. The brush on the China glaze pure joy was small which saved me from using my stripping brush. For the design I googled tinsel nails, and did this bloggers design.


Used the same dark green as I did on the ornaments challenge. So it would represent a tree. Personally I cant stand tinsel, and if it touches anywhere other than my hands I start itching like crazy. My fiancรฉ was the one who chose the tinsel colour for me. Well he gave it to me. He got me the all that glitters China glaze set, and gave it me early. Pure joy was THEE tinsel shade. Have to say he was pretty spot on. The glitter needed two coats to get to this coverage.


Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty. Nails inc in Bruton mews. Chine glaze pure joy. Seche vite.


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12 Days of Christmas challenge 10

Today is dedicated to the elves who work all day and night to bring us presents ๐Ÿ˜‰

xmas challenge

I poisoned myself for my elves, and Santa manis!!! Yeh I’m being dramatic I know, but having a chest infection and using nail polish is not wise. My determination to finish this challenge won. Beat that chest infection!! I had to alter my plans, and settle for an accent nail instead of a whole set. Really glad I did to be honest.


My Santa and elves mani have got to last me through Christmas. I’m not using nail polish until my infections gone, because fumes have me coughing like crazy. If I’m rocking this mani over Christmas I obviously needed glitter. Everybody needs some glitter over Christmas. The gold holo glitter is China glaze angel wings 2 coats.


After months of drooling over Peter pan manis I finally put my big girl pants on and tried it! To me it makes a cute elve uniform. I started with a half-moon mani, and stuck with my trusty green. Hole reinforces were involved. Then free handed the collar. That little itty bitty collar was ridiculously hard for some unknown reason. I added the little details in gold to match. For a first attempt I don’t think it’s that bad. So i applied my SV then noticed a tiny dot of red on the collar -_-. I thought this mani was going to takes forever to do surprisingly it didn’t.


Products used: Striping brush. Dotting tool. Hole reinforcers. Sally Hansen double duty. Seche vite. Nails inc Bruton mews. O.P.I my boyfriend scales the walls. China glaze angel wings.


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12 Days of Christmas challenge 9

xmas challenge

We are  so near to the end now! Today you have a treat from me……A little drawing depicting my design.


The wreath will be on the middle on the middle, and the ribbon hanging will be on the others nails. This is what I was aiming for anyway. This is what I got:


Did it translate across? I’ve had a lot of good feedback of everyone about my use of non traditional colours, so my nails had to match my tree. I bet your thinking ‘huh whys it pink’ well the only white I own that isn’t part of a French manicure set is OPI my boyfriend scales the walls, so I used Sally Hansen’s crinoline which is a pinky white. Honestly the I should have probably just crinoline and the opi. Using French manicure white didn’t stand out. My family of dotting tools helped as per usual.


I stuck with my purple baubles from the tree as well. They looked lonely so I added some more in China glazes champagne kisses. Then added my ribbons on. Creating a wreath is really easy, I would suggest it to anyone.


Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty. Nails inc in Bruton mews and Park lane. O.P.I my boyfriend scales the walls. No7 tip whitener. Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in crinoline. L.A.Colors stripper in gold glitter. China glaze in champagne kisses. Seche vite.


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12 Days of Christmas challenge 8

Today is the day of ornaments. Now in our house the Christmas tree has to look perfect! Mom has always moved things around until it looks right……until this year. I took charge, and rearranged it. Decorating the tree is a deadly serious job in our house. Last year I put up 5 trees. Not all in one house though ha ha. This year it was only 2 due to my back. It’s become tradition that I put up my adopted grandparents tree. I was horrified they weren’t going to put it up last year, so I did it.ย  Everyone should have a tree up in my eyes. It’s not a huge tree thankfully for my back. My favourite ornaments have to be the hand blown clear glass baubles I’ve slowly started to collect out of the sales for when I get my own house. They reflect the light beautifully on the tree. Every year at least one new ornament has been added, except this year. There’s no more room left on the tree :(.

xmas challenge

These nails took no time at all. Does this mean I’m getting good at nail art? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I used a dark green base colour, because I felt my baubles were the tree kind.


Yep I certainly had to shove my hand in the tree, and take a picture that’s just the kind of girl I am. For quickness I stuck to one colour for the baubles.

IMG_3094 copy

IMG_3095 copy

My dots dragged slightly when I used SV ๐Ÿ™ They don’t look too bad though. I decided to do a mix and match of designs for the baubles with the help of my dotting tools, and stripper. I thought the hardest part of the mani would have been getting the string that holds the bauble thin enough. Fortunately I only had to touch up one. Had a bit of shrinkage on two nails as well.


Polished used: Sally Hansen double duty. Nails inc Bruton mews and The Boltons. Models own in champagne. L.A.Colors strippers in blue and silver glitter. Barry M in aqua glitter (Natasha sent it me, and its fab!). Seche vite.


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