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Pink polar bears

Let’s pretend this wasn’t written last year and left in a pile of unpublished posts like it was. Some rewording was needed.

The first Christmas polish January 2015 I used was my O.P.I bearest of them all from nail loopy. Had the perfect idea for it.

polat bear pinkMy polishing skills were obviously on holiday that day it seems. The pink needed soooo many coats  -_-. I used the thin chevron stencils to add a bit of fun to the manicure whilst combining all three polish colours.

Not sure what to call my absence from my blog. It’s been very much a topic of I will blog I swear! but it just never happens. My life/work balance is very one-sided. Starting to think I’m a workaholic. Seeing as I’ve managed to upset the nerve in my leg moving stuff out of the office I decided I could blog whilst resting it.

I have been painting my nails just not as much. Currently they are half picked at, and have been since thursday. It also means less time = my rubbish phone camera skills.

Thank you.



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Meeting fabulous people

At the beginning of this month I go to meet some fabulous ladies. As luck would have it Susan from dream wanders and Sabine from my polish stash were visiting London on holiday at the same time. So me, Hannah from Polly polish, Esther from fab fingertips, Nail loopy, Annette from rainbow connections all trekked up to London to meet up with Susan, Sabine and Saira.

Here’s what I wore on my nails:

glam polish high priestess

Glam polish high priestess is stunning!!! I no longer feel the need to own pp lagoon, as this is prettier in my opinion aka more glittttter.

keep calm amd carry on manicure

I had fab time meeting everyone, and feel Daniel was such a good sport for listening to our chatter. Sabine has a keeper there.

Everyone also saw my insane Essence love when we found the stand. I went wild and it still only cost £16!!! Obviously I popped into kiko and picked up a few.

Sorry to keep it short I’m squeezing some posts in between working.

Thank you.

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She’s a Monet

That line from clueless sums this manicure up. From afar its pretty, but up close it’s messy. Now I’m on a bunny rabbit roll it seems.

bunny decals All polishes used here except from the blue are the Ciate doll house collection. The sad part about the collection is they are mattes which I wasn’t aware of, so they were drying to matte super fast. With topcoat I still find them pretty.

bunny colour blockingI am really loving the bunny decals from the shop, and the add such a fun element to this manicure.

ciate doll houseClean up went horribly wrong, so I had to touch it up and decided not to risk it with more clean up. This took way too long to do. The least time-consuming part was the water decals.

Sorry about the cuticle oil.

Thank you.

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When I caved and purchased Girly bits twitterpated I also purchased bachelors button. At first I was on the fence when I saw swatches, but I slowly came round to loving it.

girly bits bachelors buttonThe formula for this is spot on for me. Better than twitterpated. This is 2 coats. It went on like a dream. The drying time was the same as twitterpated. I’m really impressed by the brands drying time.

bachelors buttonThe stickers came out again. I feel no remorse for spamming you with them. Too cute! For the base colour on my ring finger I used a cheap brand called yes love. With the conversion rate I paid 50p for it on holiday, and it shockingly gives me full coverage in 2 coats. Then I added 1 coat of Ciate roller coaster, and topped off with your lips but better stickers.

Thank you.



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This was my top priority lemming. With my love of Disney and especially Bambi how could it not take the No.1 lemming spot?! After a month possibly two months of staring at Susans twitter picture I threw the towel in and got it! On the Bambi front I am now in love with a Bambi skirt in hot topic who have stupid shipping prices.

girly bits twitterpatedI applied 4 coats in total. The fourth coat was only added due to bubbling. Think it was the hot weather that caused it as it happened on my ring finger as well. The drying time was good with twitterpated; the first coat had dried before I applied the second which never happens for me. Spent a wee while playing with my lightbox lights waving my hand around…..totally normal right?

pams girly bitsDo you see my little shih tzu?! These stickers by Your lips but better are adorable!! I didn’t realise there were shih tzu ones as well as the dachshund design. Your lips but better have excellent customer service, and are very fast in getting back to you. I nabbed my stickers in a sale she had a while back

The stickers peel off easily, and stick down firmly. As you can see I stuck my down wonky, and I was a bit scared to mess about peeling it off in case I wrecked my polish. My dodgy sticking skills made it look very odd, so I decided to use a glitter placement I came across on sealores instagram. It creates a very unique look.

Polishes used: Nailtiques basecoat, a-england Guinevere, Girly bits twitterpated, Ciate helter-skelter and Seche Vite.

Thank you!



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