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I love you like XO

On Monday I went to see Beyonce’s Mrs Carter world tour for the second year running. It was interesting to see how she slotted her new songs into the show. It was amazing not that I expected any less. Now one of my besties has some serious luck, because our seats were AMAZING! We actually thought we were a block further down, but it turned out block 2 is what we thought was block 1. We were directly opposite the stage :O! We had such a good time and are going to try make it our thing. Attending Beyonce’s concerts that is.

One song I’m a bit obsessed with is XO, so I thought why no translate it to my nails.

gosh gradient

gosh xo maniOk so I know the gold glitter on my little finger doesn’t fit in with the manicures colours, but I didn’t realise I was going to do a silver heart, and I wanted to use all 3 polishes out of the gosh set. Originally the heart was going to be gold.

Anyone else find that oranges are a pain in the bum?! This one took 4 coats!!! -_- It’s the same with all my other oranges except a nails inc one, but even that takes 3 coats for full coverage. Good job I didn’t choose the pink as a base colour as that was look on the sheer side on the brush too. Even with all that though the colours look great together. Plus it’s the colour of an outfit Beyonce had on in the Crazy in love video.

I’m feeling rather proud of this gradient if I do say so myself. Once all the time consuming work was done I went to town with the studs. My thumb didn’t turn out looking great, but it will do. Now every time I look at my nails I start singing XO.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I have no clue where my Nailtiques has gone. I’ve looked everywhere. It needs to reappear as the Butter London base coat is just no cutting it.

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What to expect from tinted nail polish

After a few people expressed interest in seeing the Maybelline sheer tints in action I decided to add a link in the last to an old blog post using them. I’d like to think I’ve improved greatly since that post, so I decided to have a play with them again.

The sheer tints are basically a coloured topcoat, and remind me of water colours. Water colours for nails that’s what I’m calling them. Now I did look into the birch box video showing you what you can with the O.P.I sheer tints, and they seem to be the same concept. Now whilst the birch box showed you them on a white base coat I decided to use a silver holographic base colour.

Maybelline sheerssheer nail polishmani mash upwhat to expect from sheer tints

I decided to do something different on each nail. On my little finger I sponged all 4 shades on, then dabbed some extra on the eye to build up the colour. On my ring finger I applied some random length stripes in orange, blue and berry water. The middle got dots, but the lemon water isn’t too visible. Now on my index finger I started to recreate the birch box video manicure, but mine is more angular. At least I tried. My favourite has to be berry water out of them all.

Hope this post was helpful!

Thank you for reading.


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That time I accidentally

deleted the pictures off my memory card thinking I had already transferred them to my computer. Usually I wouldn’t mind much, but this manicure was gorgeous and may well be my favourite. Or at least in my top ten. Good thing I was enamoured by it, as I put pictures on Instagram.

holo gradient I used GOSH holographic hero, UP colurs azul disco and verde 360. I managed to do a really great gradient with them, by my standards its classed as great anyway. m_a_tom did the lightening stripe design on her IG with different colours, and I desperately wanted to recreate it. Luckily I found the lightening nail stickers available in this country and saved my self some pennies. On my little finger I added some white star sticker to UP colors verde 360. Absolutely love the UP color line of holographics, and lucky me owns 3 all of which I’ve found in blog sales.

lightening tape manicureSorry for the awkward photos. Really loved this manicure.

tilly fangTo make up for the awkward photos you get Tilly the vampire cat.

Thank you.

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Jelly packed glitter!

Jelly sandwich’s are fun, and I enjoy playing with them. Weirdly I’ve never tried an actual jelly polish with lots of different shapes in. Lekker lacquers santa’s curfew has changed all that. It is a deep navy jelly filled with holographic circle, bar, star, and moon glitter. I’ve slowly come round to idea of circle glitter, but only really like it on the small side. The polish is that pretty I can put up with the circle glitter.

starry sky

lekker lacquer santas curfewWith flash you can see some patches in colour, but I can definitely say I haven’t once spotted any patches to my naked eye. Just moving my hand from left to right in any light there’s always pieces of glitter that pick the light up. It really is a gorgeous polish, and a big favourite of mine. Big plus I got as a buy one get one free deal after Christmas.

santas curfew stars copysantas curfew close up

Wasn’t too sure what would compliment the double accent, so I decided to go with the idea of a starry sky with all the moon and star glitters packed into santa’s curfew. Started with a base of O.P.I keeping Suzi at bay, then applied a coat of Gosh holographic hero and used the cling film technique. With some defected holographic studs I had left from the shop I decided to use them in this manicure, as different stages of the moon. Hope the idea translated. I decided to do a manicure with darker colours, as for the past 10 days I seem to have gravitated to darker colours minus one day. Theres been lots of teals mixed in too.

That index nail drives me batty. I never like the look of it, I’m determined that the cuticle is more rounded compared to the others.

Thank you for reading.


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Getting shapey

I really should learn doing my nails and working with stripping tape with a headache doesn’t work well.

Getting my tape on again with a design I’ve seen on Polly polish, and have attempted previously for an accent nail.

 light tape mani

This wasn’t my original plan for the holographic base, but I’m so glad I changed my mind. The pink is one of my untrieds and I love it.

holo tape manicure

Not my best, but it does the job.

dark tape mani

The holographic isn’t very strong in these photo’s, but its pretty evident in real life (that makes sense right).

avon and gosh

Yep I used Gosh holographic hero, and Avon’s Arabian glow polish in funky fuchsia which I snagged in the sale book yonk’s ago.

Feeling a bit off my game lately, and when I get to clean up I seem to get fed up half way through. Need to get myself out this rut.

Thank you.

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