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Glitz and glam

I have such a pretty polish to show you guys. Etude houses magic kiss #2 from this summers limited edition bling in the sea range. I wasn’t going to buy magic kiss till my student loan had come through, but whilst browsing I found the site had taken it off :O. The horror. It got me all in a flap that I would miss out on them, so I popped over to ebay and brought the two from the collection I wanted. Considering it came from Taiwan delivery didn’t take long at all.

glitz and glam with etude hous and opiI apologise for the lighting; I wasn’t at home with my light tent or lights.

This is 3 coats of magic kiss by itself. I did think maybe it would be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann mermaids kisses, but the base is a couple of shades lighter. If layered over the right pink, then it would look like mermaids kisses. Two layers of seche vite was used to smooth it out.

etude house bling in the sea pinkAll that glitter and shimmery is bowling me over. This is the first polish from Etude house that I own. The formula is great for me personally. Can’t wait to get my mitts on more. The pretty packaging wins me over every time.

To highlight the larger magenta hexagons I used O.P.I’s My address is Hollywood. Silly me hadn’t got around to using it. The shimmer in it is fantastic in the sun. You know me I’m all about the shimmmmmmer.

opi my address is hollywoodThe rhinestones are from a ridiculously expensive nail wheel I purchased from H&M. Now I will share  a  flaw of mine: Straight lines. When I try to draw a straight line it doesn’t happen. Naturally you go to the ruler next, well then you get a straight line at an angle. It baffled my art teacher, and myself. This is why all my studded and rhinestone lines are either wonky or straight just off centre, I’m guessing. This is a prime example here haha.

Thank you 🙂


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Feeling glitzy

Another gradient for you guys! They are quickest form of nail art for me.

snow white gradient

I’m a bit sad because they ended up on the thick side, but what can you do eh?

I am loving the bottle from h&m. It’s was a must buy for my Disney loving heart. I applied 4 thin coats to get rid of the VNL, then used a-englands she walks in beauty for the glitter gradient. When I first saw the she walks in beauty gradient on the swatchaholic I immediately put it on my need to do manicure list.

peach glitter gradient

I don’t think the colour combination goes well with skin tone, so next time I’ll try a darker base colour.

Thank you.

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Models own free polish from more magazine part 2

A war began late last night between my nails and the bed sheets. Attack of the bed sheets is what it was. Guess who won?! The sheets that who! Lets start at the beginning before it all went down. My fiancé grabbed me another more magazine, and two glamours. Two may be a bit excessive seen as I own all the free colours already, but I wanted back up of glamour glitter. I asked for one and got two, but hey I will use it anyway. The fiancé knows what I’m like haha. So seeing as I showed you guys the free nude beige I thought I would show you raspberry crush. Thanks to more magazine. To make it more interesting added a sparkly accent nail.

On camera it appears more red and duller than it actually is. The colour is very vibrant and very pink. To me looks slightly neon, but don’t take my word for it I’m not big on neon so I may be wrong. For how bright the pink is I’m shocked it doesn’t look terrible against my skin tone; being so pale. I have something to admit…….I broke my untrieds rule on my accent nail. My excuse: I have no new glitter polishes.

Seche vite is getting the blame for attack of the bed sheets, because if it hadn’t have become thick my nails wouldn’t have been attacked! I started my nails at 8.30 last night and finished them completely about 10. That’s with removal and filing. I used my base coat for the top its a 2 in 1. Every things fine and they appear dry by the time I go bed which was around 1. You would think with that amount of drying time they would be fine, BUT NOOOO. I wake up to atrocious sheet print. Worst encountered by me anyway. This afternoon I applied the same top coat and bam it dry’s in 15 minutes. So this is all seche vites fault. If anyone knows about the sv thinning drops could you tell me how they work, and if they are cheaper than buying a new bottle of polish please.

Models own is a two coater for me with the exception of their glitters. Raspberry crush is not exception. If you have short nails maybe one thick coat would work. Both of the colours free with more magazine are £5.00 on the website. £1.50 isn’t bad, and if you read the magazine regularly its a great bonus.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty for both base and topcoat. Models own raspberry crush. H&M polish in zoo. I thought I should include sv seen as I’ve been moaning about it.


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A very girlie tape manicure

Rocking pink nails is not something I often do, but I am right now. I don’t hate pink, it just doesn’t shout out to me. If I counted how many pinks I owned I would probably be shocked though. The only reason I used pink is because I may have a tad problem with having to use/wear what I’ve brought, as in the next day; terrible I know :/. So without further ado my girlie nails.

Look at all that sparkle *-* This manicure is also my first successful tape manicure!!!!

I made the silly mistake of letting it dry before I took the tape off, in the past….a couple of times but shhh. Then the next thing was no matter how many times I stuck the selotape to my skin it always left sticky marks on my nails grrr. So I thought why not try masking tape if it doesn’t fetch paint off walls maybe the same will apply to my nails. Guess what? it worked. Wanna see my tape space?!

Professional I am not haha.

For this manicure I used lots of masking tape as you can see. H&M’s city and zoo duo, Models own southern lights, No7 base coat and of course seche vite. I do have a feeling this manicure isn’t going to last. I give it till Saturday. Now I’ve sussed this tape manicure business out I want to attempt the heart next, and once my nail have grown horizontal. My nails have had the chop due to thr big ass split right in the middle of my nail on my thumb, and I can’t get to it. Its too far into the nail, so I’m taking precautions! My nails grow super fast, so its nice to chop them off now and then.

Thanks 🙂

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Retail therapy…don’t mind if I do

After seeing Models Own new wonderland collection I was distracted by the sparkle! I love me some sparkle I tell ya! Suffice to say I needed the polish, and it lead to this…

I only managed to get 2 of the 3 polishes out of the collection I wanted 🙁

Here’s Jack Frost. You can’t tell on the photo, but it is a top coat. I will swatch it soon.

This little beauty is called Southern lights. I desperately want its sibling northern lights…I will track it down!

I brought this only because I couldn’t northern lights :,( but I am looking forward to trying it out.

Lastly I brought this little duo from H&M. l’ll admit I only brought it for the one polish, but we shall see what the pink looks like. Unfortunately the retail therapy hasn’t mad me feel any better. I’m ridden with germs!!! Now I’m just being dramatic…
Sorry about the photo quality I was rushing.

*UPDATED, the pictures but forgot to take one of the nail art pen whoops.

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