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When the white rabbit is right

“I’m late, I’m late. For a very important date.”

My date being Christmas. Not sure how, but I did manage to get plenty of Christmas manicures done. Except I never had time to blog about them. As per usual Christmas was manic and full of rushing around. Then I went back to work. In the past 2 weeks there has been a lot of change. Along being constantly stressed over applying for a new job (the same job just not on maternity cover) that I desperately wanted, which I did get YAYYYYYY! I’m now a permanent member of staff. I’ve finished my voluntary mentoring just finishing off the scrapbook. Found a new balance in the shop that is working well, and started driving lessons again. Well my second one got cut short due to the stress making me a tad crazy and unfocused.

*ok so its another week since I wrote all this to finish it*

After that word vomit let’s go look at Christmas.

polish me to go

Now I can’t actually remember what I used for the base colour, but I did top it with polish me to go’s 2013 whats indie box exclusive polish. It glowed in the dark, just not as much as I had hoped it would.

sparkly blue villageAs you can see these nails were rushed, and I had no time for hand care LOL. I used the village view stencils for the accent nail.

snowy tree

triangle tree

Ok so my hunt for triangle glitter paid off….6 months later. A fabulous lady on IG created a triangle tree, and I can’t remember who it was. I decided to go for a snowy tree with a snowflake topper on top of a frosty background A.K.A the yellow nail coverer.

For this manicure I started off with ILNP black orchid, and used the present stencils on top with a-England St George to coordinate with the tree. These nails were pretty, but the black cherry chipped ridiculously fast. Not sure why either as my other 2 ILNP are fine. Will use it again to see what happens. Fortunately me for me my accent nail stayed put, so before the works christmas party I slapped on a holo red to get in the festive spirit.

decorating the tree

snowing treeSo I may have too much going on in this manicure, and realised that fact after it was too late. It made seeing the thermal change really hard.

orly mirrorball

These were my Christmas day nails! I loved them so much they even went into the new year with me. Holo wins me over nearly all the time lately.

Thank you



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90’s child

I always get confused on what classes you a child of an era. Some people refer to themselves as a 90’s child yet they were teenagers, so am I a 90’s child. In my eyes I am as I was actually a child then, and liked the horrendous music that followed that era. There is a point to all this babble I assure you: I give you distressed nails a la Sarah from chalkboard nails. They have a 90’s vibe for me, and it is the easiest nail art everrrrrr.

distressed nailsI wished the smiley face was silver but hey ho he looks like he would fit in, in the 90’s.

90s maniRoyal mews is out again! I finally figured out how to explain it to myself. The holographic particles seem to have the look of a shimmer making it a very soft and weak holographic. SO glad I got a back up in a set for Christmas as I use this polish a lot.

holo shimmerhappy face charmSo I followed Sarah’s tutorial and went to town. Now I have no clue what blues used as I grabbed a load used them and then forgot to take note of the names. One thing to note is that the O.P.I brush didn’t want to let go of the polish at all for me. For some extra fun I used some nail foil and the gold smiley faces from she sells seashells.

Off topic here as you can’t actually see it, but for the base colour underneath the foil I tried a Jess polish I picked up from poundland before christmas. It’s called jaded, and its great. Dries fast and only took 2 coats!!!

Thank you 🙂

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I promised some of the girls on twitter I would join in on the breast cancer awareness month manicures. I don’t think I can do pink all month, and my manicures will most likely be simple. Life’s decided to become rather crazy, and the little free time I have is precious. Even if that includes just laying on the sofa doing nothing.

Back to BCAM. Cancer sucks there’s no simpler way to say it. There’s been a lot of it in my family, and one dear friend of my dads. A few of my aunties have been affected by it in either full-blown cancer, or having cancerous cells (it’s rather confusing that one, and a long story). It’s horrendously scary having an ultrasound to check for it as well, which I myself have had. I mean a dark room, and EVERYONES dead silent your brain starts going places.

Onto a more positive light. In my teens I did the race for life, no emphasis on the race part; I did a mixture of jogging, walking, and running. Now for a secret of mine that most people don’t know or don’t see. A lavender cancer ribbon graces my left hip. I got it along with some family members, when a tattoo shop was raising money for cervical cancer. Lavender was chose, as those loved ones have been affected have had many types of cancer.

Now for the Funny part……I passed out after the outline was finished (my physiotherapist was rather annoyed as I had only had my back operation 8 weeks ago). After a huge amount of embarrassment, and a lot of questioning of are  you going to have it finished? of course I bloody was. That baby got done, and I never want another tattoo again. My own fault for going for the hip really. Enough of my personal stuff lets move onto the manicure!!!

sinful folly and iconic effect holo topcoat

This is Sinful colors Folly topped with Iconic effects holo topcoat. Practice is needed. The accent finger is the right amount of topcoat for me. The topcoat dried pretty fast which I have to say shocked me.

out of focus iconic effect holo topcoatI couldn’t resist showing you guy’s an out of focus shot of it.

Lots of personal stuff in this post, but I felt it was right.

Thank you 🙂


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Tribal time

Out of my mystery box from Jenna I received BB couture stargazer stripper, and I decided to give it a whirl. It’s a metallic mossy green with holographic glitter.

bb couture stargazer stripper

Only downside to the polish is its dries slightly textured due to the holographic glitter. Now like the lazy person I am I skipped applying topcoat and went straight onto the design; silly me.

glittering holo tribal nails

No topcoat with this polish means hardly any straight lines oopsy. This is the first full design I’ve done Barry M’s nail art pens other times I’ve just been playing around with other manicures. They are really easy to use. The design has been tweaked slightly from Inky’s, she gets all the credit here guys. Click her name and check it out.

no flash tribal holo

I MUST find the attachment to tripod! This was the best I could do for you guys without a tripod.

Thank you 🙂

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GOSH holographic hero, and layering holo’s XD

I’ve had a love hate relationship with GOSH holographic hero (the latest version). It’s a polish I didn’t think I would own due to the silly prices on eBay considering its a 5 pound polish. By sheer luck I managed to get one from Superdrug….well a couple. I will keep one for a future give away. Now time to look at the sparkle O.O.

This polish became my enemy…for a while. Applying it aggravated me. Each coat took ages to dry, and I’m a bit impatient with my nails. First coat was fine. Second coat it dragged :O and left little patches obviously I hadn’t left it to dry long enough. Third coat fixed it! Seche vite HAD to be applied or I would have been up for another hour waiting for it to dry to avoid sheet print. Clean up was a big job for me.

Sadly I cant afford holographic’s in other colours. It got me thinking about layering, and then it occurred to me. The perfect polish was in my collection! Maybelline express in blue water, orange water, lemon water and berry water. They are years old. I think I tried them once, and decided I didn’t like them, BUT I defiantly love them now! They transformed the colour without losing the holographic-ness. So I taped off the section, and painted away.

I got that excited with how it turned out I decided to take photos instead of tidying them up first! Not only was it my first time using a holo, but I thought I would use my new striping tape another first. Straight lines seem to have something against me!! They always go crooked for me. The tape doesn’t look straight to me, no matter how many times I tried it still didn’t look straight oh well. The striping tape gave it a neat, and finished look. This post is picture heavy. Sorry about that, but I found it hard to capture the amazing holo on camera. Sunday night I applied holographic hero and it didn’t chip until Thursday which is great. Seche vite helped lots and lots. Big question am I lover or hater now? LOVER!!!

Polishes used: GOSH holographic hero. Maybelline express in blue, orange, lemon, and berry water. Seche vite top coat. Striping tape. Oh and sally hansen 2 in 1 top and base coat didn’t take a picture though.


P.S. The striping tape lasted all of 2 hours on some nails. Aggravation lead to picking it off.

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