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Ho Ho Haulin

Pretty sure I robbed that title off Inky whiskers. I got treated this Christmas a lot, and I’m very VERY thankful to those who did the treating! Now get ready for picture spam.


From my parents I got some a-englands: Elaine, Dragone, Galahad. A nails inc set including: Knightsbridge green, Draycott place, Jermyn street, Walton place, Westminster, Royal mews. An O.P.I: my favourite ornament.

IMG_4252 They also got me O.P.I pure. YAYYYYYY especially after I regretted not getting the man with the golden gun last year. Can’t wait to crack this baby open!


One of my best friends got me ciates: The Hampton’s and jewellery box. The lovely Margaret sent me Jindie nails rave (& Timtams can’t be forgetting those). My neighbour (more like an aunty to me) got me some urban outfitters polishes: Neptune and bandeau to name a few, and the L.A. colors strippers which I actually really like.

IMG_4247 An aunty and uncle brought me the Rio nails foil set which I’m really loving. Came at the right time I was considering ordering some foils last week. Freaky or what?!


My fiancé got me this butter London set. The colour included is HRH. I do enjoy Butter London polishes, but they are on the pricey side. So YAY to this too.


I got VINTAGES!!! Hannah surprised me with Sally Hansen sassy frost, Revlon drab and Revlon Hollywood crème. All shades that are beautiful.



My aunty and uncle in-laws and the gorgeous doggy Fleur got me the O.P.I. I keep picturing those colours with pure *le sigh*. Now for the shocker I actually asked for some textured polishes which weren’t zoya from my fiancé, so I’m looking forward to trying alactraz…rocks.

Nan and granddad in law do me, my fiancé, and sister-in-law stockings with little bits in every year. The scarf in the background came out of it, and I love it. They hear all too often how I’m cold haha. Me and my SIL got a set of glitter polishes.

IMG_4244I got a big Nails inc set off my fiance’s dad including: royal botanical gardens (been admiring it from afar since summer), ladbroke square, upper regent street, westbourne grove, Fitzroy square, Connaught square, Bloomsbury square, lumley street, Sloane square, and boltons place (my SIL had some sets too, and had two so she kindly gave me one).

My mom in law and grandparents got me No7 galaxy and paradise love as part of my present.

My fiance got me some of the Barry M textures in duchess, countess and lady. They look beautiful on everyone I’ve seen in the bloggy world. Naturally I felt I needed them ;). He also go me the Rio nail studio set up. I can’t get it to fit in the box again so no picture. It will help my back a tonne when doing mine and others nails.

I also have a present of Saira which will appear in the next blog post.

As I said earlier I’m very thankful to everyone that was kind enough to get me a gift. Now to crack on using them!!

Thank you for reading :).

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I fell down the rabbit hole ()_()

This is all the outcome of a splatter manicure that didn’t start well, and I needed to save it. Enter rabbits! I’m feeling pretty proud about these nails, as my nail art is usually rubbish. My right hand actually turned out decent :O shocked myself with that one.

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Everything BUT the kitchen sink challenge 1

Challenge time!! I wasn’t going to do another challenge, but Inky and Nicole persuaded me. The challenge is for 4 weekends. The mani’s can include anything, and everything. I’ve never done a kitchen sink mani before. It’s forced to become adventurous with designs. Kitchen sink mani’s are quite fun.


On the day I agreed to the challenge, I had only just done my nails. Instead of starting from scratch, I recycled my mani. I wanted to incorporate lines, and a matching colour scheme. Sometimes it’s scary how serious I take these things in my brain o.O.


On my thumb I attempted a glitter gradient with a make up sponge. It kind of worked. I couldn’t get the glitter to bulk up near my cuticle, so I dabbed some off the brush on. I chose the shade treasure island to pick up the teal glitter in my base colour.


On my index finger the striping tape came out to play. I used my boyfriend scales the walls to create horizontal lines. Somehow I managed to chip it on the end in my sleep. My middle finger I dotted vertical lines with treasure island. I kept my chevron pattern on my ring finger, and left my pinky finger plain to showcase my indie polish.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty. Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in green tea. Wonder beauty products in aphrodisiac. O.P.I my boyfriend scales the walls. L.A Colors color craze in treasure island. Seche vite. Dotting tools. Make up sponge. Stripping tape. Stamping plates.

I just noticed on my middle finger I missed it doing clean up. Sorry!

Check out the others: Amanda’s, Nicole’s, Wes’s, Polly’s and Inky’s


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12 Days of Christmas challenge 9

xmas challenge

We are  so near to the end now! Today you have a treat from me……A little drawing depicting my design.


The wreath will be on the middle on the middle, and the ribbon hanging will be on the others nails. This is what I was aiming for anyway. This is what I got:


Did it translate across? I’ve had a lot of good feedback of everyone about my use of non traditional colours, so my nails had to match my tree. I bet your thinking ‘huh whys it pink’ well the only white I own that isn’t part of a French manicure set is OPI my boyfriend scales the walls, so I used Sally Hansen’s crinoline which is a pinky white. Honestly the I should have probably just crinoline and the opi. Using French manicure white didn’t stand out. My family of dotting tools helped as per usual.


I stuck with my purple baubles from the tree as well. They looked lonely so I added some more in China glazes champagne kisses. Then added my ribbons on. Creating a wreath is really easy, I would suggest it to anyone.


Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty. Nails inc in Bruton mews and Park lane. O.P.I my boyfriend scales the walls. No7 tip whitener. Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in crinoline. L.A.Colors stripper in gold glitter. China glaze in champagne kisses. Seche vite.


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12 Days of Christmas challenge 8

Today is the day of ornaments. Now in our house the Christmas tree has to look perfect! Mom has always moved things around until it looks right……until this year. I took charge, and rearranged it. Decorating the tree is a deadly serious job in our house. Last year I put up 5 trees. Not all in one house though ha ha. This year it was only 2 due to my back. It’s become tradition that I put up my adopted grandparents tree. I was horrified they weren’t going to put it up last year, so I did it.  Everyone should have a tree up in my eyes. It’s not a huge tree thankfully for my back. My favourite ornaments have to be the hand blown clear glass baubles I’ve slowly started to collect out of the sales for when I get my own house. They reflect the light beautifully on the tree. Every year at least one new ornament has been added, except this year. There’s no more room left on the tree :(.

xmas challenge

These nails took no time at all. Does this mean I’m getting good at nail art? 😉 I used a dark green base colour, because I felt my baubles were the tree kind.


Yep I certainly had to shove my hand in the tree, and take a picture that’s just the kind of girl I am. For quickness I stuck to one colour for the baubles.

IMG_3094 copy

IMG_3095 copy

My dots dragged slightly when I used SV 🙁 They don’t look too bad though. I decided to do a mix and match of designs for the baubles with the help of my dotting tools, and stripper. I thought the hardest part of the mani would have been getting the string that holds the bauble thin enough. Fortunately I only had to touch up one. Had a bit of shrinkage on two nails as well.


Polished used: Sally Hansen double duty. Nails inc Bruton mews and The Boltons. Models own in champagne. L.A.Colors strippers in blue and silver glitter. Barry M in aqua glitter (Natasha sent it me, and its fab!). Seche vite.


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