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What to expect from tinted nail polish

After a few people expressed interest in seeing the Maybelline sheer tints in action I decided to add a link in the last to an old blog post using them. I’d like to think I’ve improved greatly since that post, so I decided to have a play with them again.

The sheer tints are basically a coloured topcoat, and remind me of water colours. Water colours for nails that’s what I’m calling them. Now I did look into the birch box video showing you what you can with the O.P.I sheer tints, and they seem to be the same concept. Now whilst the birch box showed you them on a white base coat I decided to use a silver holographic base colour.

Maybelline sheerssheer nail polishmani mash upwhat to expect from sheer tints

I decided to do something different on each nail. On my little finger I sponged all 4 shades on, then dabbed some extra on the eye to build up the colour. On my ring finger I applied some random length stripes in orange, blue and berry water. The middle got dots, but the lemon water isn’t too visible. Now on my index finger I started to recreate the birch box video manicure, but mine is more angular. At least I tried. My favourite has to be berry water out of them all.

Hope this post was helpful!

Thank you for reading.


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O.P.I sheer tint vintage dupes

The soon to be released O.P.I sheer tint collection isn’t a new concept. Now I have no idea who originally came up with sheer tinted nail polish, but I’ve got a few in my collection from the late nineties. Unfortunately I have no idea of the actual release date from Maybelline.

maybelline collection 90sI didn’t get to own them until many years after the release (late nineties I was 5/6/7 depending on the release). My mom got me these in my early teens, and at first I wasn’t keen on them. Then when I first started blogging I dug them out to try over GOSH holographic hero, and guess what?! They created colourful holographic’s for me. Being a complete nail junkie I’m still working through my untried’s, but I may just show you very soon how cool they can be. Also the birch box youtube video tutorial of O.P.I tints is a very pretty manicure design. Lets look at the polish.

maybelline orange waterAlthough it looks to be red this polish is actually orange. It’s called orange water. Not a very creative name, but straight to the point. On top of a silver holographic it is a deep orange leaning more towards red. These polishes are very watery, and personally I couldn’t wear them alone.

maybelline lemon waterHere we have lemon water which is yellow as you can see (spreading the descriptive wings with this one). Whilst my bottle looks cloudy it doesn’t apply cloudy. I think due to it sitting so long some of the pigment has settled, and I’m too lazy to shake the bottle for a lengthy amount of time.

maybelline berry waterBerry water is a bright vivid red in the bottle, but on top of holographic polish it isn’t red. More of a magenta.

Maybelline blue waterOddly blue water puts me off in the bottle, but on top of a silver holographic it is a very light blue although the bottle suggests more of a cobalt blue.

These polishes can be fun to play with, so I can see them being a big hit for a little while. Maybe more of a fade than an must have collection from O.P.I. Before taking the plunge and buying the O.P.I collection maybe have a quick look on ebay for these Maybelline’s. They will definitely be a fraction of the price of the O.P.I’s. Although I wish I had a purple tint like O.P.I one.

To see them layered over a silver holographic polish you can find it here. It’s shocking to see how much I’ve improved with my nails.

I ventured outside today to take these. It’s one of my favourite spots to take photos. Hope I’ve done them justice.

Thank you.

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Weekend getaway

Somehow I forgot to post this way back when, and I only noticed thanks to the wordpress app.

For my birthday I went to London for the weekend 😀 I adore London!!!! I wanted to do some nail art, but ran out of time my fault for leaving packing till the last minute.

London birthday nails

Also ran out of time to take a photo at home, so I took a sneaky picture in a restaurant. The blurple is China glaze fancy pants. The pink shimmer in it won me over. It’s an unique blue/purple compared to others I own. On my ring is Shepard street by nails inc.

sight seeing

Look where I went. It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I think in my head I built it up a bit. I didn’t end up buying anything as I only wanted a couple of things, and boots had them on 3 for 2. Off we went to Boots (it was right opposite the bottle shop)  and got these:

london haul

They had a Sinful colors stand :O!!! I have a majority of colours that I like that were on the stand, so I got the others I liked. Within reason I didn’t want to go crazy, even if I love Sinful colors.


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Polish days seven deadly sins: Lust

I joined polish days wooo. I’m pretty excited for this months theme, all thanks to my new water decals I ordered!

yrnails decals 1

Pin up girl decals!!!! When I saw these decals they had to be mine, along with a few other pin-up designs on the site. I adore pin-up girls. If I ever had a large tattoo it would be Vivienne Westwoods naughty Alice pin-up. Anyway getting back on track. I’ve never used water decals before, this is my first attempt. I chose this little lady sitting pretty.

yrnails beach pin up decals

There was no plan for this manicure just excitement over using new purchases. Like my new maybelline with its lovely jelly with scattered holo glitter.

chevron french tip

The colour isn’t a wise choice for the decal, but it feels like a secret within my manicure (I swear I’m not crazy).

sitting pretty nail decal

My nails are painted rather messy; sorry it was a rush job. The chevron french tip came about, because I had tip wear appearing. Bridal veil vamped it up, and dare I say made it a bit sexy?

first chevron french tip

I’m excited to see the other entry’s now.

Thank you.

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GOSH holographic hero, and layering holo’s XD

I’ve had a love hate relationship with GOSH holographic hero (the latest version). It’s a polish I didn’t think I would own due to the silly prices on eBay considering its a 5 pound polish. By sheer luck I managed to get one from Superdrug….well a couple. I will keep one for a future give away. Now time to look at the sparkle O.O.

This polish became my enemy…for a while. Applying it aggravated me. Each coat took ages to dry, and I’m a bit impatient with my nails. First coat was fine. Second coat it dragged :O and left little patches obviously I hadn’t left it to dry long enough. Third coat fixed it! Seche vite HAD to be applied or I would have been up for another hour waiting for it to dry to avoid sheet print. Clean up was a big job for me.

Sadly I cant afford holographic’s in other colours. It got me thinking about layering, and then it occurred to me. The perfect polish was in my collection! Maybelline express in blue water, orange water, lemon water and berry water. They are years old. I think I tried them once, and decided I didn’t like them, BUT I defiantly love them now! They transformed the colour without losing the holographic-ness. So I taped off the section, and painted away.

I got that excited with how it turned out I decided to take photos instead of tidying them up first! Not only was it my first time using a holo, but I thought I would use my new striping tape another first. Straight lines seem to have something against me!! They always go crooked for me. The tape doesn’t look straight to me, no matter how many times I tried it still didn’t look straight oh well. The striping tape gave it a neat, and finished look. This post is picture heavy. Sorry about that, but I found it hard to capture the amazing holo on camera. Sunday night I applied holographic hero and it didn’t chip until Thursday which is great. Seche vite helped lots and lots. Big question am I lover or hater now? LOVER!!!

Polishes used: GOSH holographic hero. Maybelline express in blue, orange, lemon, and berry water. Seche vite top coat. Striping tape. Oh and sally hansen 2 in 1 top and base coat didn’t take a picture though.


P.S. The striping tape lasted all of 2 hours on some nails. Aggravation lead to picking it off.

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