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Totoro nails

I went to Comicon on saturday, so nails to match were a must. To match my Totoro top I wore I did Totoro nails based off loveearth5’s Totoro nails on Instagram.

totoro nailsNot that can you see it well, but I’m really impressed with my freehand wood pattern. I wanted the wood to represent the scene when the girls see the dust bunnies coming down from the ceiling. I created the dust bunnies with the barry m black nail art pen. Whats easier than black scribbles?!

comicon march 2014 nails

I just found dust bunny slippers, and kinda want them.

totoro and traveling sootI’ve come to really love going Comicon. Last year in London was my first time going, and seeing everyones costumes were amazing, but we didn’t go to any of the panels. This year we went to the one in Birmingham and although there weren’t as many people cosplaying it was great. The guy who came as Terminator would not drop his character it was awesome. We attended a few panels which was something new.

My favourite thing about Comicon though would be sitting down to eat. We always take food and find somewhere on the floor to sit, and I can guarantee you see more people cosplaying like that than when you walk around. Another thing I adore is seeing the toddlers and little ones cosplaying and getting photos with other cosplayers. My favourite this year was a little storm trooper and he was so happy to pose with the ‘real’ ones and the AT-AT. It was like meeting his heroes.

Now here is the best part they had REAL R2D2’s. Obviously they were being controlled, not that the little ones noticed that. They walked around, talked and danced. I want one so bad! I could hear it chirping all over the place taunting me. Enough of my babble.

Thank you.

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Lily lavender

The daffodils and crocuses are sprouting that can only mean spring is on the way, and WARMER weather. So I decided to do some flowery nail art including lavender.

Side note: I’m feeling my love for glitter is getting it’s butt back in gear.

left lavenderlavender free handfgt lilly lavender

I used FGT polish in lily lavender, and wanted to try a bit of nail art. Have to say I felt proud when my fiance asked me if it was grapes or lavender as I’m pants at this kind of stuff.

Thinking of chopping my nails off they are looking a bit on the curvy side at this length.

Thank you for reading.

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What to expect from tinted nail polish

After a few people expressed interest in seeing the Maybelline sheer tints in action I decided to add a link in the last to an old blog post using them. I’d like to think I’ve improved greatly since that post, so I decided to have a play with them again.

The sheer tints are basically a coloured topcoat, and remind me of water colours. Water colours for nails that’s what I’m calling them. Now I did look into the birch box video showing you what you can with the O.P.I sheer tints, and they seem to be the same concept. Now whilst the birch box showed you them on a white base coat I decided to use a silver holographic base colour.

Maybelline sheerssheer nail polishmani mash upwhat to expect from sheer tints

I decided to do something different on each nail. On my little finger I sponged all 4 shades on, then dabbed some extra on the eye to build up the colour. On my ring finger I applied some random length stripes in orange, blue and berry water. The middle got dots, but the lemon water isn’t too visible. Now on my index finger I started to recreate the birch box video manicure, but mine is more angular. At least I tried. My favourite has to be berry water out of them all.

Hope this post was helpful!

Thank you for reading.


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90’s child

I always get confused on what classes you a child of an era. Some people refer to themselves as a 90’s child yet they were teenagers, so am I a 90’s child. In my eyes I am as I was actually a child then, and liked the horrendous music that followed that era. There is a point to all this babble I assure you: I give you distressed nails a la Sarah from chalkboard nails. They have a 90’s vibe for me, and it is the easiest nail art everrrrrr.

distressed nailsI wished the smiley face was silver but hey ho he looks like he would fit in, in the 90’s.

90s maniRoyal mews is out again! I finally figured out how to explain it to myself. The holographic particles seem to have the look of a shimmer making it a very soft and weak holographic. SO glad I got a back up in a set for Christmas as I use this polish a lot.

holo shimmerhappy face charmSo I followed Sarah’s tutorial and went to town. Now I have no clue what blues used as I grabbed a load used them and then forgot to take note of the names. One thing to note is that the O.P.I brush didn’t want to let go of the polish at all for me. For some extra fun I used some nail foil and the gold smiley faces from she sells seashells.

Off topic here as you can’t actually see it, but for the base colour underneath the foil I tried a Jess polish I picked up from poundland before christmas. It’s called jaded, and its great. Dries fast and only took 2 coats!!!

Thank you 🙂

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Remembrance day

Tomorrow is remembrance day. It a day where we all take two minutes silence, and honour those that died and fought in world war one. We also wear poppies as well for remembrance day, and the run up o it.

rememberance day sundayDue to already wearing red, and not having much time. I added a poppy to the manicure in the form of the badge.

rememberance day

I’m posting this early as I wont have time to do it tomorrow.

Thank you.

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