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This is one of those manicures that didn’t go to plan.

nails inc navy jelly

nails inc mapple leaves

autumn leaves

Please ignore the tip wear on my pointer.

Raphael Street is a stunning polish with its copper and gold glitter floating in a sea of navy. Only down side is it’s a thick polish, and not in the ‘oh it is in need of thinner thick’ way either.

Ok so the design you are meant to be looking at is leaves. Mainly maple leaves. Not sure if it looks like them ha ha.

Thank you.

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*I’m such a bad blogger I have a small stash of posts yet I haven’t posted anything in 11 days.

I don’t particularly like the critters with those thin creepy legs, but I do appreciate spider webs as long as they aren’t touching me!

soider web vynls

I did something a bit silly. I used a thermal over the top of the stencil, so you can’t see a difference in colour unless you stare it out big time with your nail nearly in your eyeball.

holo spider webs

I also asked my fiance if a thermal would work over a normal polish, and he was like why wouldn’t it? Felt a bit stupid but hey.

neon spider left

neon spider rightMy little spiders were stamped on, but the only issue was they weren’t very opaque. Got the dotting tool out to fill it in. Vinyl stencils are making my life so much easier, because I’m pants at freehand.

Thank you


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Yes time has become my enemy. It’s taken me a week to get this post out, and now it’s time o finish it. I would venture to say this manicure is a 4/5 weeks old O.O. There have been a lot of times since my last post where I have wanted to destress and blog, but honestly I haven’t had the time.  Presenting the 4/5 week old manicure:

rimmel chevronsI decided to have a play with the shops vinyls.

rimmel using vinyl stencilsI adore this Rimmel blue (forgotten the name and I’m not at home) it actually played nice and took 3 very thin coats. Nails inc sapphire was used as more of a test to see how the vinyls worked with glitter.

Thank you.


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Instyle 2014 free nails inc

It’s that time again!!! Free nails inc.

Instyle magazine retails at £3.90 and this year they have surprised me. I’ve combed through my nails inc draw and there aren’t any dupes. Ok ok there are some similar, but they are definitely not the same. Lets meet the ladies.

IMG_4816IMG_4817Seems they are Brazilian ladies, and very good looking ones.

IMG_4819 These are all three quick coats, and admittedly on the thick side. Your seeing my sisters nails today. I was impatient and my sisters nails were naked. On the plus side she went with the pink shade for her manicure. Personally I am loving Copacabana coral and Sao Paulo streets.


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90’s child

I always get confused on what classes you a child of an era. Some people refer to themselves as a 90’s child yet they were teenagers, so am I a 90’s child. In my eyes I am as I was actually a child then, and liked the horrendous music that followed that era. There is a point to all this babble I assure you: I give you distressed nails a la Sarah from chalkboard nails. They have a 90’s vibe for me, and it is the easiest nail art everrrrrr.

distressed nailsI wished the smiley face was silver but hey ho he looks like he would fit in, in the 90’s.

90s maniRoyal mews is out again! I finally figured out how to explain it to myself. The holographic particles seem to have the look of a shimmer making it a very soft and weak holographic. SO glad I got a back up in a set for Christmas as I use this polish a lot.

holo shimmerhappy face charmSo I followed Sarah’s tutorial and went to town. Now I have no clue what blues used as I grabbed a load used them and then forgot to take note of the names. One thing to note is that the O.P.I brush didn’t want to let go of the polish at all for me. For some extra fun I used some nail foil and the gold smiley faces from she sells seashells.

Off topic here as you can’t actually see it, but for the base colour underneath the foil I tried a Jess polish I picked up from poundland before christmas. It’s called jaded, and its great. Dries fast and only took 2 coats!!!

Thank you 🙂

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