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I love you like XO

On Monday I went to see Beyonce’s Mrs Carter world tour for the second year running. It was interesting to see how she slotted her new songs into the show. It was amazing not that I expected any less. Now one of my besties has some serious luck, because our seats were AMAZING! We actually thought we were a block further down, but it turned out block 2 is what we thought was block 1. We were directly opposite the stage :O! We had such a good time and are going to try make it our thing. Attending Beyonce’s concerts that is.

One song I’m a bit obsessed with is XO, so I thought why no translate it to my nails.

gosh gradient

gosh xo maniOk so I know the gold glitter on my little finger doesn’t fit in with the manicures colours, but I didn’t realise I was going to do a silver heart, and I wanted to use all 3 polishes out of the gosh set. Originally the heart was going to be gold.

Anyone else find that oranges are a pain in the bum?! This one took 4 coats!!! -_- It’s the same with all my other oranges except a nails inc one, but even that takes 3 coats for full coverage. Good job I didn’t choose the pink as a base colour as that was look on the sheer side on the brush too. Even with all that though the colours look great together. Plus it’s the colour of an outfit Beyonce had on in the Crazy in love video.

I’m feeling rather proud of this gradient if I do say so myself. Once all the time consuming work was done I went to town with the studs. My thumb didn’t turn out looking great, but it will do. Now every time I look at my nails I start singing XO.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I have no clue where my Nailtiques has gone. I’ve looked everywhere. It needs to reappear as the Butter London base coat is just no cutting it.

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This was my top priority lemming. With my love of Disney and especially Bambi how could it not take the No.1 lemming spot?! After a month possibly two months of staring at Susans twitter picture I threw the towel in and got it! On the Bambi front I am now in love with a Bambi skirt in hot topic who have stupid shipping prices.

girly bits twitterpatedI applied 4 coats in total. The fourth coat was only added due to bubbling. Think it was the hot weather that caused it as it happened on my ring finger as well. The drying time was good with twitterpated; the first coat had dried before I applied the second which never happens for me. Spent a wee while playing with my lightbox lights waving my hand around…..totally normal right?

pams girly bitsDo you see my little shih tzu?! These stickers by Your lips but better are adorable!! I didn’t realise there were shih tzu ones as well as the dachshund design. Your lips but better have excellent customer service, and are very fast in getting back to you. I nabbed my stickers in a sale she had a while back

The stickers peel off easily, and stick down firmly. As you can see I stuck my down wonky, and I was a bit scared to mess about peeling it off in case I wrecked my polish. My dodgy sticking skills made it look very odd, so I decided to use a glitter placement I came across on sealores instagram. It creates a very unique look.

Polishes used: Nailtiques basecoat, a-england Guinevere, Girly bits twitterpated, Ciate helter-skelter and Seche Vite.

Thank you!



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The day that was sunny

So imagine my surprise when the day turned sunny after I put a holo on! I swear it made the weather change.

up colors azul disco

I loveeeeee this polish!! My niece declared it was Cinderella polish too. After she said that I was going to do some nail art to match, but didn’t have time.

This ones for you Wendy 😉

car holo

The PALM!!!!

Sorry about that randomness it’s become a long running joke. My palm looks extremely big, yet I actually have small hands. Go figure.

I was a complete magpie with this holo. When there was sun I start shimmying my hand for some sparkle. It also didn’t dull the effect when I put SV on. This holo was purchased from a blog sale, but I think llarowe stocks the brand.

Products used: Nailtiques formula 1 base coat. Up colors in azul disco. Seche vite.

Thank you.


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Twit Twooooo says the owl

In the land of Swishie I would declare everyone should own a bottle of sinful colors rise & shine!! Loving this colour!

sc rise and shine shimmer

Rise & shine dries matte, but oh well. The shimmer with the colour is an instant winner for me. This was very plain originally, then my sister came over and wanted a gradient. I was about to go in the shower so I gave her the supplies. BIG NO NO. I don’t know what she had done, but I attempted to fix it. Looks like I will have to teach her the ways of gradients. After I saw my sisters colour combination I decided I should do the OPI catch me in your net gradient too. Then I added my little owl from YRnails decal.

sc rise and shine

The colour is a lot brighter and more vivid in person. Haven’t had time to mess about putting my light tent up lately sorry. I feel these decals went on a lot better than the last ones. This time I cut them down more.

Products used: Nailtiques formula 1 base coat. Sinful colors in rise and shine. OPI catch me in your net. YRnails decals. Make up sponge. Seche vite.

Thank you.

pst. Thank you Ink

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Chevrons for celebrations

My birthday was a while back I know, but with University work being due and working on it for the past month I wanted build posts up, and evenly post them so my schedule hasn’t gone out of whack. 8th of May and I’m freeeeeee….until September.

I went for a theme in a way; à la Tiffany. I feel very proud of myself, as I’ve resisted using my China glaze for Audrey since around January. Silver was used as well to match my Tiffany key necklace, which I got given for my birthday.

21st birthday nails

Inky sent me chevron stickers to try. I must say I love them, purely because I’m lazy and it’s quicker than stamping, and of course it creates crisp lines.

chevrons for celebrations

Bet your thinking why are the chevrons pink? Well the chevron stickers were pink, and it got a mind of its own so yep we have pink. I don’t mind too much.

for audrey cg tiffany blue?

For Audrey doesn’t seem isn’t an exact match for the Tiffany blue. For Audrey appears darker toned compared to the Tiffany blue. This simple manicure is a favorite of mine. For Audrey was a present from my other half to match my Tiffany key.

Products used: Nailtiques formula 1 base coat. China glaze in For Audrey and Glistening snow. Seche vite, and chevron stickers.


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