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Pink polar bears

Let’s pretend this wasn’t written last year and left in a pile of unpublished posts like it was. Some rewording was needed.

The first Christmas polish January 2015 I used was my O.P.I bearest of them all from nail loopy. Had the perfect idea for it.

polat bear pinkMy polishing skills were obviously on holiday that day it seems. The pink needed soooo many coats  -_-. I used the thin chevron stencils to add a bit of fun to the manicure whilst combining all three polish colours.

Not sure what to call my absence from my blog. It’s been very much a topic of I will blog I swear! but it just never happens. My life/work balance is very one-sided. Starting to think I’m a workaholic. Seeing as I’ve managed to upset the nerve in my leg moving stuff out of the office I decided I could blog whilst resting it.

I have been painting my nails just not as much. Currently they are half picked at, and have been since thursday. It also means less time = my rubbish phone camera skills.

Thank you.



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Feeling thirsty

Sometimes I do silly things like cut my nails painfully short. EVERY damn time! Thankfully they grow like weeds.

feeling thirsty

DS radiance feels like a Christmas polish when I’m wearing, but I made it work. Slap a bit of blood on and some fangs…voila. The drips are actually a tester vinyl, and the fangs are available on the shop.

Ok so my accent is a white holo. It’s a tad grey when putting it next to something white, but I won’t complain.

Thank you 🙂

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I still don’t know if I can wear bright colours for work, so on a Sunday evening I’ve been changing my manis to something neutral to be on the safe side. Then Thursday evening I change it to something more me. For this manicure I used my work mani for the base colour.

scary face spotted

creepy face recycing

bellys gonna getcha

Really I just wanted to play with O.P.I Spotted. Its going to take some practice. I used a really thin coat. It was that thin I didn’t think there was any polish on the brush. There are some spots, but also long dragged out spots which some could say are cracks LOL. On the accent nail I added a spooky face from the shop.

Thank you

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All of the lights

Early morning blogging is something I going to ‘attempt’. I’m a night owl by nature and well that’s got to change come November as I start a maternity cover. Thought it was to start conditioning myself LOL. So that means 7 o’clock starts….don’t look at me like that I’m used to half 7 or quarter past 7 starts. Being self-employed means as long as I put in the hours it doesn’t matter what time I wake. Terrible I know. It’s going to be interesting to see how I do my nails, as I will be working 27.5 (i think) at the college and working the rest of my week in the shop. No ones dared mentioning quitting the shop probably because they know what it means to me. Anyway let’s get onto the nails.

opi lights of emerald cityIntroducing holiday nails from July! Lets hope I can catch up on posts quickly or we will have Halloween at christmas going on here aha.

O.P.I lights of emerald city is a shade I’ve eyed up for ages, but then thought nah I can survive without it. Personally I adore it on lighter shades, and when I saw it again I would google swatches to then talk myself out of it. Until that fateful day I found it on sale in Sally’s cheaper than it sells at my warehouse. On a side not my local Sally’s shut down :'(.

opi & bondiIt’s such a pretty glitter. I wore it layered over Bondi lady liberty. My sister wore it alone, and then my mom wore it on top of enchanted polish may. It got a lot of loving that week.

Thank you.

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Love letters

When I purchased cbl woodstock I couldn’t justify the postage for one, so I had a gander and chose little red corvette. Let the picture spamming begin:

cbl litle red corvette

cbl lrc holoThe holo in it is blooming strong!

cbl lrc with sparrows

cbl lrc

cbl red holoThe formula was perfect when applying it, but is prone to chipping. That could be down to using sv though. On the accent nail I used O.P.I mbstw and topped it with my holo topcoat to match little red corvette. Then I stamped with moyou princess plate 11 as I pretty much love that image. As usual I couldn’t leave the manicure alone, so I added black swallows from the shop thankfully it finished off the look of the manicure.


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