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When the white rabbit is right

“I’m late, I’m late. For a very important date.”

My date being Christmas. Not sure how, but I did manage to get plenty of Christmas manicures done. Except I never had time to blog about them. As per usual Christmas was manic and full of rushing around. Then I went back to work. In the past 2 weeks there has been a lot of change. Along being constantly stressed over applying for a new job (the same job just not on maternity cover) that I desperately wanted, which I did get YAYYYYYY! I’m now a permanent member of staff. I’ve finished my voluntary mentoring just finishing off the scrapbook. Found a new balance in the shop that is working well, and started driving lessons again. Well my second one got cut short due to the stress making me a tad crazy and unfocused.

*ok so its another week since I wrote all this to finish it*

After that word vomit let’s go look at Christmas.

polish me to go

Now I can’t actually remember what I used for the base colour, but I did top it with polish me to go’s 2013 whats indie box exclusive polish. It glowed in the dark, just not as much as I had hoped it would.

sparkly blue villageAs you can see these nails were rushed, and I had no time for hand care LOL. I used the village view stencils for the accent nail.

snowy tree

triangle tree

Ok so my hunt for triangle glitter paid off….6 months later. A fabulous lady on IG created a triangle tree, and I can’t remember who it was. I decided to go for a snowy tree with a snowflake topper on top of a frosty background A.K.A the yellow nail coverer.

For this manicure I started off with ILNP black orchid, and used the present stencils on top with a-England St George to coordinate with the tree. These nails were pretty, but the black cherry chipped ridiculously fast. Not sure why either as my other 2 ILNP are fine. Will use it again to see what happens. Fortunately me for me my accent nail stayed put, so before the works christmas party I slapped on a holo red to get in the festive spirit.

decorating the tree

snowing treeSo I may have too much going on in this manicure, and realised that fact after it was too late. It made seeing the thermal change really hard.

orly mirrorball

These were my Christmas day nails! I loved them so much they even went into the new year with me. Holo wins me over nearly all the time lately.

Thank you



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Orly star spangled freebie from cosmopolitan

If none of you have realised yet I’m a bargain hunter. That’s why I get so excited when magazines give away brands free. Last week it was glamour, and this week its cosmopolitan. I will admit I wasn’t impressed with colours Orly were giving away free from the promo picture. I went for the gold glitter originally, which ended up being the same as last years nails inc glamour glitter. I didn’t think twice about the red as it looked metallic.

orly star spangled 5mlBoy was that promo picture bad, because this red is a beauty. It’s called star spangled, and is a gorgeous red filled with lots of red micro glitter.

orly gingham

This is 3 coats of star spangled. There were no issues with application. It actually went on like a dream.

orly freebie cosmoFirst thing I did after I had finished was check how much was left in the bottle, and shockingly there is lots left. That was the only downside to freebie it being only 5ml. In all reality though how often do we use a whole bottle of full size nail polish, unless its our favourite.

orly star spangled cosmo

Tonight I have a fancy dress 21st, and I’m going as little red riding hood. That’s why I tried my hand at doing some gingham.

Hope this is helpful 🙂

Thank you.

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Meet up nails

This was meant to go out last week whilst I was on holiday. I was pretty ill on holiday and I don’t have signal or 3g in the bungalow. That meant I couldn’t ring Rich and ask him to post on the blog. I apologise, but it couldn’t be helped :(. Back to normal now 🙂

As you all probably know I had a date with Saira when I went down London for a couple of days with a friend. We had a lovely time, and I can’t wait for the next time!! O.k. so I’ve never been able to afford to eat at Harrods, but I finally did!!!! Just thought I should share that.

foils and sparkles

I went with green, as Saira’s blog is called the girl with the green nails. Also it gave me a chance to use my new Orly sparkling garbage.

orly sparkling garbage

Sinful colors in mint apple is what I used as my base.  I used Daring Digits snow flurries on my thumb and little finger. I really like it even if it’s just a topper. Adds a bit of something to the manicure. Another polish from Jenna’s mystery boxes that I adore. I wasn’t how many coats I would need of sparkling garbage for full coverage, and didn’t really have the time to find out so I just applied 2 coats as a topper on my index and ring finger. The plan was to doodle on my middle finger with the Barry M nail art pens, but impatient me didn’t wait for the polish to dry completely and poked a hole in the polish o.O. Nail foil to the rescue! I love the stuff.

saira meet up nails

No idea why I watermarked this picture at all. Till the next time!!!

In Kiko the sales assistant grabbed my hand and was asking about Orly sparkling garbage haha.

Thank you 🙂

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Where to look for polish bargains

Sadly I can’t afford to buy things like I used, because I had to quit my job due to health problems so I gotta make my money stretch. Thank god for my student grant! Now I love a bargain, so it’s not too hard on me.

  • Places for my bargains:
  • – T.K.Maxx – How I adore thee. I could spend hour’s in there, and never get bored. When in there I always head to the beauty section, and then check the beauty clearance section. If anyone loves Nails inc polishes T.K.Maxx is the place to go; A box of 3 are usually £10.00/£12.00 depending on the store, and for a box of 4 £15.99. My most recent nail buys from there have been a set of 3 Models own polishes for £7.00. In boots they retail for £5.00 each. Sally Hansen salon effects that I used for Halloween. They were £4.00. They did have the neon ones in clearance for £2.00, but I’m not big on neon. My best bargain from there has to be my Corioliss travel hairdyer I got for £3.00!!! They retail for £20-25.00, and the quality is really great. I believe you have T.J.Maxx in America am I right?

– Beauty warehouse – When I can lend someones card that is. It’s heaven for O.P.I lovers. Once the VAT has been put on they work out to £5.85 each which isn’t bad if you ask me. I pay £7.00 in the sale from the nearest beauty salon that stocks them. The warehouse also sells huge Sinful polishes, and Attitude polishes. So if you can get hold of a membership card to a warehouse head there.

– Boots – Throughout the year Boots give out vouchers. They contain two offers, usually one for glasses and one for beauty brands worth £5.00. This year I’ve noticed they only offer the beauty brand on No7 beauty. It used to include Ruby & Millie, not that it bothers me because I’ve always used them on No7. With the voucher they cost me around £1.50. This is how I’ve accumulated all my No7 polishes and how I can afford the brands stupidly expensive make-up remover wipes. I find No7 polishes great personally, and long-lasting. On the website they have dropped in price it seems to £5.50.

– Ebay – Who doesn’t use Ebay?! The only problem I have lately is I keep forgetting an items ending even if I checked 10 minutes before the ending time :/ My brain *le sigh*. I tend to buy Orly and O.P.I off Ebay mostly.

– Pound shop/pound world – My new favorite place to scout out high street beauty brands. Depending on the stock they have that is. I have seen them stock Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, Sally Hansen and Sinful colours nail polishes. Obviously they aren’t going to every colour going, but often have in old collections. Who can moan for a £1.00, not me certainly. Both shops seemed to stock Sally Hansen: Insta-dri fall 2011 collection about a month ago so I grabbed the ones I wanted.

– Magazines – Here in the U.K monthly magazines sometimes give away free nail polish with the magazines. Now my fiancé must be psychic, because he came home with 4 Glamour magazines; each had 1 of 4 Nails inc exclusive shades for Glamour magazine. He knows me all too well, I wasn’t aware they were out. Instyle in July I think it was had 3 exclusive Nails inc shades. I’m guessing Nails inc must do it every 4 months for different magazines. I have also got a misguided polish from a magazine too. In the photo below the shades on the back are the previous shades given away, and on the front are the new shades available now. I will be swatching the new shades.


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