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What I want for Christmas

is  a new body or some new insides. Seriously its exhausting having a body as crap as mine. You would think having a major back operation would give me a get out of illness card or something, but nooo. Ok ok so I’m feeling sorry for myself, but I don’t care. I  handed my last assignment in on Tuesday and officially broke up for winter. Yet I still haven’t had my chill day to watch the jungle book I purchased for myself in Sept/Oct. These nails I will eventually show you should have been posted thursday night until…..I found a smidge of cat pee on my bottom sheet grrr. Everything snowballed from there. My niece ended up pretty ill and I spent the better half of the day with my niece and sister at the hospital getting her rehydrated. Damn chest infection, at least she won’t horribly on xmas now. Anyway being up for the majority of the night then being at the hospital I was lazy. Got on with the rest of the day, and eventually chilled with my sister watching american horror story and reshaped her nails almondy. The shape suits her rather well too. All of a sudden I start feeling sick which I thought was related to a health issue I have. Turns out it was a sickness bug……seven glorious hours of it. It didn’t end either. Yesterday was spent sleeping feeling crappy like I had the flu, and well today I’m not feeling as sick so I’m rehydrating myself. All the well laid plans to get rid of the presents were ruined.

These nails were for the christmas party in the class I volunteer with once a week. They all had a total blast seeing santa!


They didn’t turn out fabulous, but hey ho. I attempted to copy  miaonoirnails (ig) design on my index finger. I saran wrapped it with 2 greens to look like a tree, then a coat of a sinful glitter which in hindsight I shouldn’t have done. Then I quickly slapped the dots on. Should have taken more care with the dots as it doesn’t really translate the design well.

I actually was a huge lazy bum. My nails were at a ridiculously long length, and they curve as they grow. I didn’t have it in me to file then down, so I chopped them off instead. Ooopsy.

Thank you listening to my moaning.

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Gradient time

This gradient thing I am determined to crack it. Here’s another attempt. My tool is a standard bath sponge chopped up; I know others use a make up sponge, but at the the time there was a spare bath sponge lying around. Now I have the whole sponge to work through.

glitter gradient 1

glitter gradient

My camera is not liking this gradient at all. It looks like the ends of my nails are frosted, but the camera doesn’t agree. I applied Lacura’s pepper mint, dabbed a bit of a-englands Morgan le Fay, then put a little Paul & Joe’s pixie on the tips to add that extra sparkle. This gradient was really quick, and I’m happy with how it turned out. Yay for me.

glitter gradient polish

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty. Lacura in pepper mint. a-england in Morgan Le Fay. Paul & Joes pixie. Seche vite, and a bit of bath sponge.


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Everything BUT the kitchen sink challenge 3

Kitchen sink time again. These are lots of fun to do. The colour theme for this mani was holographic silver glitter, and a berry colour. All inspired by my Barry M croc effect polish. I apologize for the tip wear I didn’t have time to take pictures when they were fresh.


Having swatched Paul & Joe’s pixie I thought why not have some fun with it. The ring finger is my favorite. After I had my fun I didn’t want to remove it. On my pinky I created a simple design with my stripping tape. Something funny happened; some of the blue from the tape transferred to my nail hmmm odd. I left pixie on my middle finger plain as it’s nice and sparkly.


On my index finger I applied Nails inc Picadilly circus. One of my absolute favorite polishes! Then I attempted to stamp the fan design. This was the second attempt. There’s still bits missing, but hey I’m OK with it. To match my middle finger I stamped with Gosh’s holographic hero. I was running out of ideas for my thumb, so I stuck with a glitter gradient using models own stuff from the disco collection. Clean up on this mani didn’t turn out so great. Case in point the ring finger near the cuticle. Clean up consisted of a dark car, iphone app torch, and travel cuticle nail varnish remover buds whilst on the way to a restaurant. The iphone kept moving when we turned corners. I need to brush up on travel removal skills ha ha.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty, Paul & joe’s pixie, Nail inc Picadilly circus, Models own hot stuff, Gosh holographic hero, Barry M croc effect in burgundy, Bundle monster 215 plate, Stripping tape, and Seche vite.

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Everything BUT the kitchen sink challenge 2

At first I thought these kitchen sink mani’s were going to take ages to do. Turns out they don’t. I do have the assistance of Seche vite though. For this kitchen sink mani I went with pink and pearlescent for my colours. I like using less colours as possible makes it into more of a challenge.


I was in such a rush only 2 nails turned out how I wanted them to. My thumb turned out so bad first time round. Originally it was a gradient tape mani, but I dented it with a bobby pin when I was getting ready. Plain it became. Then my index finger was supposed to be a Saran wrap accent like my ring finger. First time round the base colour hadn’t dried, then the second time I thought I had put SV on top but had forgotten too. Third time I ran out of drying time so it smudged the bottom coat too. So I decided right dots it is. The first dot I did came out oval *face palm*. It wasn’t too noticeable once I tried to fix it up. On the middle finger can you see that hint of pink by my cuticle? Well I tried stamping, and it didn’t go right. Slapped some glitter on to hide that disaster.


Lets move onto the good nails. My ring came out perfect first try. Skeeter had done a saran wrap mani that day, and it kicked my butt into trying it out. In my head the pinky finger looks like a gingham pattern. Used my stripping tape to create the look. This mani could have turned out a lot worse, as in 2 hours I did my mani, ironed one handed, got my hair and make up sorted, and then got changed. That’s super fast for me!!

I do have to say it’s not a very me mani due to the colours. It is wayyyy too girly.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty, Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in casting call, Paul & Joe in sprite, Nails inc in Devonshire street, Seche vite, stripping tape, dotting tools and Saran wrap/cling film.

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Thank you

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Paul & Joe ‘A Mid Summers Night’ Nail Polish swatches

Since the end of the summer I have been drooling over Paul & Joe’s ‘A mid summer night’ collection. Paul & Joe is is a luxury make up brand to me. It’s the design of packaging, and the little detail on the products. Who’s seen the cat lipstick?! Adorable isn’t the word. Next seasons lipsticks have a carousel horse on :O. Sadly I cant afford Paul & Joe unless its in the sale. I snatched these babies up in ASOS’s Christmas sale.


The box is gorgeous I’ve decided I’m not throwing it away it’s too pretty. I need a whole stand full of these bottles, even if they are empty. They look so glamorous to me. On the left is sprite 029, and on the right is pixie 030. It’s like a bottle full of Tinker bell’s pixie dust!!!.


Pixie would make a nice topcoat. Personally I will probably use it to build up full coverage. This polish is jam packed full of holographic glitters. The formula went on great.


Here is sprite. Applying more coats doesn’t effect the colour. 3 coats hides the vnl in most lights. The pink/purple shimmer is really pretty. In the daylight a hint of green/yellow shimmer appears when moving the nail. Pixie has got to be my favourite, and I would recommend both these polishes.


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