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Modern baroque

That is what I’m going with. My manicure started to go wrong, so I decided on a new approach: Modern baroque. Modern because I don’t have a damask stamp.

playing with gold foil

baroque style nails copyThe base for this manicure is a-england Galahad, and I have to say I’m in love with it. In dull lighting it’s teal, and in bright lights it’s a blue that pops. Over the top I stamped with a-england Tristan as it seems the scattered holos from the lovely Adina are great for stamping, as I’ve seen on other bloggers manicure’s. Now the stamping is not the best at all. Some nails the image printed smudged, and on others I missed bits off. Really can’t wait for my new stampers to arrive. The gold foil was meant to go on in a set design, then that epically failed when it transferred onto part of the nail that had no glue on -_-. Not cool man, not cool.

baroque style nails copySometimes I love baroque style, but then sometimes it can be a bit over the top. Luckily I like these nails. Question do you find different colour foils react differently to topcoat? My blue/green foil remains the same with seche vite, but with this gold foil it completely took away the shine and stripped some of it down to silver :(.

Thank you :).

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Coral leaf

Seems that my nails get done twice a week, and I’m ok with that. Firstly I don’t often get chipping, and even then its at the five day mark. The five day mark was last saturday, and your seeing pictures from late last night. Yeh I’ve been a busy bee. Buzz.

Last saturday my order from rainbow connections which included part of my friends birthday present, and wingdust coral leaf, as I’ve been making eyes at it for a while. Would have snatched wingdust ocean tears as well, but a las it was sold out.

My aunty decided she wanted coral leaf on, and I’m telling you all know she is a pain in the ass good job I love her. She’s so fidgety and always moans about something. You know when she’s holding something in. This is all narrated by “if you don’t shut up moaning I won’t do it again” my mom “I don’t know why you bother doing them for her”. Anyway she liked the colour and that was the end of that!

windust coral leafThis is 3 coats of coral leaf. Application is easy peasy and there is no fishing for gold flakes yay.

shells and starfishThe coral which seems orange on these photos is Essie sunday funday. Another one that hates me what am I doing wrong with them. 4 thin coats it took 4 and then I gave up. Seems SV worked some juju and theres no more streakiness. Sunday funday was a present and my friend got herself one. She had no problems, but she applied 2 thick coats.

mix and match beachy lookCan you see the coral particles in coral leaf? They are a nice surprise.

essie sunday fundayPlease ignore the tip wear. On my little finger I stamped with the moyou sailor plate, and on my index finger I added some shells from the shop, and a starfish I am going to eventually stock in the shop.

Thank you for reading :).

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Golden peacock

to get my nails painted. I’ve had two different nail shapes on each hand since Tuesday. Only to have sorted them out last night. I was going square again, but I wasn’t feeling them so I shaped one hand round and never got round to the other. Onto the manicure. I decided to do a ruffian with a vintage Sally Hansen Han got me for Christmas, and no7 galaxy from part of my present off my MIL and grandparents. sassy  frost ruffianTaboo dupe you are MINE muhahaha! Can you see the shimmer? peacock embellishment ruffianShimmmmmmer. Okay I will stop now. The weirdest thing happened last night I wanted to apply a coat of butter london’s hard wear topcoat before SV, and it was dissolving galaxy off the tips of my nail. It wasn’t shrinking it, but eating it O.o say whattt? Confused wasn’t the word for how I was feeling about it. glaxy shimmer As soon as I saw the peacock feather eyes I knew I needed them. Peacocks are gorgeous, and I even dressed up as one with a big fan on my back for my 18th, and a 6 year olds birthday. I really need to change the collar and back fan to hook and eyes, as the velcro is very restricting. I think they are a work  of art. Pure magical. The colours draw me in instantly every time. I’ve even dreamed about owning one if my house had enough land in the future. A whole load of them can you imagine it. Sadly that won’t ever be a reality my fiancé is scared of them, so is his sister too. They apparently look evil. They also make a lot of noise. Reminds me of screeching. Anyway back to the nails. The embellishments bend, and this time I did actually bend them. Don’t ask haha. There are a two on my right hand I didn’t bend enough but oh well. Two coats of topcoat sealed mine in completely. *personal blabbering coming up*   horsesI came across this picture on my memory card whilst getting the posts images off it. This was taken 6 weeks after my back operation in 2012. There was many stops along the way to Newquay, as I could only sit for long before I needed to walk. These gorgeous horses happened to be opposite the parking lot. The photo actually made me reflect about whats happened since, and in some ways I’ve shocked myself. 1) I’m still at uni, which I dislike passionately, but I’ve started it so I’m determined to finish it. 2) I’m more resilient than I thought I was emotionally. 3) My determination has doubled, and I’ve weathered some huge storms in my personal life. These storms we all have affect us all, but it’s how we overcome and deal with them that matters. Sorry to get all personal, but this week has been an odd one ,and I’m not complaining. I’ve put in over 50 hours work into the shop this week, and I’m so proud of what me and my fiancé have achieved. It makes me so happy to see people creating things with products we sell, and talking to the customers is so much fun. I wish so much that the shop could be my full-time job after university. ughhh dreaded uni, I really really don’t want to go back. I’m sure I will be fine once I’m back. We finish the degree in May, so I will plod on until then. Its rather scary as I will done with education for a good while. Higher education at a degree level anyway. Thank you for reading :).

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After counting out the She Sells Seashells stock I managed to nab 2 left over shells for my nails. After months of searching I finally got my hands on these beloved shells I’ve been drooling over.

saran mani with shell accent

I decided it was time to revisit the Saran wrap/cling film manicure. Such a simple technique for such a pretty look. For the base I used essence skyscraper which is a gorgeous stoney grey. Topped it off with Sephora by O.P.I gold leaf topcoat. Then used Jessies girls mermaids lagoon.

mermaids lagoon saran wrap maniThe shell is stuck with a little dab of Seche Vite, and then top coated with Seche Vite.

essence skyscraper saran maniThere is some shrinkage from the SV, but considering I have 8 layers of nail polish and 3 of those are SV its isn’t a shocker.

Thank you 🙂



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Glitz and glam

I have such a pretty polish to show you guys. Etude houses magic kiss #2 from this summers limited edition bling in the sea range. I wasn’t going to buy magic kiss till my student loan had come through, but whilst browsing I found the site had taken it off :O. The horror. It got me all in a flap that I would miss out on them, so I popped over to ebay and brought the two from the collection I wanted. Considering it came from Taiwan delivery didn’t take long at all.

glitz and glam with etude hous and opiI apologise for the lighting; I wasn’t at home with my light tent or lights.

This is 3 coats of magic kiss by itself. I did think maybe it would be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann mermaids kisses, but the base is a couple of shades lighter. If layered over the right pink, then it would look like mermaids kisses. Two layers of seche vite was used to smooth it out.

etude house bling in the sea pinkAll that glitter and shimmery is bowling me over. This is the first polish from Etude house that I own. The formula is great for me personally. Can’t wait to get my mitts on more. The pretty packaging wins me over every time.

To highlight the larger magenta hexagons I used O.P.I’s My address is Hollywood. Silly me hadn’t got around to using it. The shimmer in it is fantastic in the sun. You know me I’m all about the shimmmmmmer.

opi my address is hollywoodThe rhinestones are from a ridiculously expensive nail wheel I purchased from H&M. Now I will share  a  flaw of mine: Straight lines. When I try to draw a straight line it doesn’t happen. Naturally you go to the ruler next, well then you get a straight line at an angle. It baffled my art teacher, and myself. This is why all my studded and rhinestone lines are either wonky or straight just off centre, I’m guessing. This is a prime example here haha.

Thank you 🙂


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