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Hello there loveys,

I’m a bit behind with my blogging. I usually blog as I do my nails, but studying has got in the way. Luckily my dissertation has been handed in and I only have 3 assignments left, but sadly no motivation.

zeus shimmerYes you are seeing sinful colors Zeus. My very first lemming I may add. Its stunning with all that shimmer….and mine ALLLL mine. Thank you PM for making my dreams come true.

I decided to pair it with tarastalons holosphere from the fan collaboration collection. The formula was an issue for me, but I’ve added a bit of thinner in since. Frankly it’s a beautiful gentle holographic infused duochrome, and I love the colour! In my adventures to get better at stamping I used my new MM bird plate, and a england lady of the lake to stamp it with.

sinful colors zeusNow on another note I’m exhausted mentally lately, so I might ramble on because lets face it this is my slice of the net. I need a holiday!

Thank you.

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Sinful colors treasure chest

I’ve said it mutliple times and I will say it again: Why oh why Sinful did you not bring us the textures?! Better yet why did you make them limited edition?

Are you ready for treasure chest picture spam?!


the lady varnishes pestering peeves

sinful colors treasre chest shimmerLook at the gold shimmer!!

shaded sc tc

peesky peeves transitionsinful color texture

This was 2 coats of treasure chest. It dried fast by my standards (SV spoiled me for life). Out of my very small collection of textures this one is the most textured, but it doesn’t catch on things thankfully. This manicure was wore for 6 days with minimal tip wear :O!

The thermal accent nail was a happy accident, as I wasn’t sure which of the 2 lady varnishes polishes was a thermal. One of the little girls at the school I volunteer at was amazed by it when I put the nail onto the radiator.

Usually I paint my nails at night, and then photograph them after. This time I took a gamble and hoped they didn’t chip. Wise decision if you ask me, as we got some sun!

Thank you PM for y polishes, and thank you for reading

P.S. I’ve been quiet on the blog front due to my dissertation.


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Birthday present’s and a little bit of hauling

You guys know I like to slip in the odd haul posts here and there, and I thought I would share my birthday things with you all. This year I was incredibly lucky and very spoiled by my friends and family; not that they will see this, but another thank you to you all.

box of goodiesMy box of nail related presents in all its glory! One of the girls at university got me a mini soap & glory hand food, as she knows I’m so obsessed with my nails.

present from sSaira got me what I like to call the spring package ;). She got me the mint green texture from m&s we had chatted about before, which is perfect because I love the colour and I’m a recent texture lover. MM17 with all its glorious ladybirds and dragonflies. When I was a kid I used to love seeing dragonflies hovering over the water. Saira also got me swan form the new models own collection. Now I don’t know whether to use it or keep it for easter Sunday, as it’s a big deal we all go to my grandparents (in-laws) for the afternoon and dinner. Thank you Saira!

present from h

Hannah killed a huge lemming of mine with Illamasqua facet as you already know, and frankly it’s making me want more from the range. The formula from them is so easy to use. Look at that SHIMMMMMMMMER. Thank you Hannah!

presents from j Now my PM sent me a box full of blue polish, and killed 2 MAJOR lemmings with a splash of purple. Jenna sent me paint shop polish white christmas, and a sallys mini. Lets get this glow on the road like my PM. Sea-ing stars from Sally Hansen, and 2 the lady varnishes polish. I was super excited about those two, as I’m always seeing the indie line pop up on Jenna’s blog. Pestering peeves is a thermal, and I am loving it. us polishBOOOOM, splat and kapooow,  because yes you are looking at sinful colors treasure chest and Zeus. Zeus has been on my wish list since I made one. Now I’m incredibly lucky because she gave me these out of her own stash. That right there is love. Probably doesn’t help that I always want unobtainable.

The milani will be in action to help make decals of my own once I buy a mat. PM swears by it for making her own decals. I also received Finger paints colorful dream flakie, and I have to say I really like the bottles. The lid is a perfect fit for my hand. Now that sounds a bit crazy, but it is.

Thank you PM.

Now onto the things I’ve hauled myself.

IMG_4612Messy Mansion plates have been on my wish list for a while, and with a little help from Saira I got some.

presents to meIn my task to get a back up of #party from Tara I snuck in glory as its a mint shimmer, and you know I have to own that. From her fan collab collection I got holosphere which is a metallic lilac scattered holographic. It’s unique within my collection.

Rainbow Connections had a money off code, and well me and Saira together happened. That should say it all haha. Ocean tears was another wish lister, and after the storm was too pretty to resist.

present from m &d My mom and dad surprised me with this O.P.I holder. Frankly I think it’s super cool.

Thank you for reading.

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Experimenting take 2

Last week I got a helmer, so I’m now part of that club and am no longer in fear of my draws breaking on me. Phew.

Onto the experimenting! I came across an indie the other day that was beautiful. For the life of me I can’t remember the brand, but it was a grey scattered holo with glitter mixed in. I was getting excited, but then I thought I already own a light grey holo, so maybe I could sandwich in a glitter. It actually worked really well.

holo and glitter layering

grey holoThe glitter used was you are loved by Kunimitsu. Every valentines day she releases a glitter. I’m unsure which year this is from.

Now can I just say grey is a big favourite of mine. Personally I find it such calming colour, so when I saw Eeyore by Iconic effect I had to have it! It’s not as sheer as I expected which is great. 3 easy thin coats and you get full coverage.

valentines mash upiconic effect eeyore

This is my left hand, and I’m very proud of it. Those hearts took some deep concentration. The pink used is Sinful Colors pink cream.

Thank you for reading.

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What I want for Christmas

is  a new body or some new insides. Seriously its exhausting having a body as crap as mine. You would think having a major back operation would give me a get out of illness card or something, but nooo. Ok ok so I’m feeling sorry for myself, but I don’t care. I  handed my last assignment in on Tuesday and officially broke up for winter. Yet I still haven’t had my chill day to watch the jungle book I purchased for myself in Sept/Oct. These nails I will eventually show you should have been posted thursday night until…..I found a smidge of cat pee on my bottom sheet grrr. Everything snowballed from there. My niece ended up pretty ill and I spent the better half of the day with my niece and sister at the hospital getting her rehydrated. Damn chest infection, at least she won’t horribly on xmas now. Anyway being up for the majority of the night then being at the hospital I was lazy. Got on with the rest of the day, and eventually chilled with my sister watching american horror story and reshaped her nails almondy. The shape suits her rather well too. All of a sudden I start feeling sick which I thought was related to a health issue I have. Turns out it was a sickness bug……seven glorious hours of it. It didn’t end either. Yesterday was spent sleeping feeling crappy like I had the flu, and well today I’m not feeling as sick so I’m rehydrating myself. All the well laid plans to get rid of the presents were ruined.

These nails were for the christmas party in the class I volunteer with once a week. They all had a total blast seeing santa!


They didn’t turn out fabulous, but hey ho. I attempted to copy  miaonoirnails (ig) design on my index finger. I saran wrapped it with 2 greens to look like a tree, then a coat of a sinful glitter which in hindsight I shouldn’t have done. Then I quickly slapped the dots on. Should have taken more care with the dots as it doesn’t really translate the design well.

I actually was a huge lazy bum. My nails were at a ridiculously long length, and they curve as they grow. I didn’t have it in me to file then down, so I chopped them off instead. Ooopsy.

Thank you listening to my moaning.

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