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What I want for Christmas

is  a new body or some new insides. Seriously its exhausting having a body as crap as mine. You would think having a major back operation would give me a get out of illness card or something, but nooo. Ok ok so I’m feeling sorry for myself, but I don’t care. I  handed my last assignment in on Tuesday and officially broke up for winter. Yet I still haven’t had my chill day to watch the jungle book I purchased for myself in Sept/Oct. These nails I will eventually show you should have been posted thursday night until…..I found a smidge of cat pee on my bottom sheet grrr. Everything snowballed from there. My niece ended up pretty ill and I spent the better half of the day with my niece and sister at the hospital getting her rehydrated. Damn chest infection, at least she won’t horribly on xmas now. Anyway being up for the majority of the night then being at the hospital I was lazy. Got on with the rest of the day, and eventually chilled with my sister watching american horror story and reshaped her nails almondy. The shape suits her rather well too. All of a sudden I start feeling sick which I thought was related to a health issue I have. Turns out it was a sickness bug……seven glorious hours of it. It didn’t end either. Yesterday was spent sleeping feeling crappy like I had the flu, and well today I’m not feeling as sick so I’m rehydrating myself. All the well laid plans to get rid of the presents were ruined.

These nails were for the christmas party in the class I volunteer with once a week. They all had a total blast seeing santa!


They didn’t turn out fabulous, but hey ho. I attempted to copy  miaonoirnails (ig) design on my index finger. I saran wrapped it with 2 greens to look like a tree, then a coat of a sinful glitter which in hindsight I shouldn’t have done. Then I quickly slapped the dots on. Should have taken more care with the dots as it doesn’t really translate the design well.

I actually was a huge lazy bum. My nails were at a ridiculously long length, and they curve as they grow. I didn’t have it in me to file then down, so I chopped them off instead. Ooopsy.

Thank you listening to my moaning.

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Halloween take 2: Now and then

My nails have taken me ages to do, but I’m loving them. So I feel you should see them early too! Plus I’m watching Halloween 2. Forgetful me forgot it was my blogs birthday at some point this month oops. At some point when I have time I will sort out a giveaway. For now though a now & then comparision. Are you ready?!

halloween mix and matchSo as you will see I’ve incorporated Sally Hansen nail strips into the manicure, and I did use them last year. Both of the manicures are done using half a pack. I was trying to be cheap haha.

IMG_2804Oh my how things have changed……a lot. Go me wooo. Ok so I’m still not amazing, but I think I’ve improved a lot.

cats and pumpkinsBack to the present. On the nails I used the strips on I taped off the sides and added orange. It’s been a long time since I’ve used striping tape so the middle finger and index finger got something a little extra to hide my mistakes. The pumpkin was freehanded, and the kitty cat was stamped. The stamp didn’t have a tail, so I added one.

nowHere’s the shocker for myself: I didn’t manage to mess up the detailing on the pumpkin!

Happy Halloween everyone 🙂

Thank you.


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Making a fool out of yourself

Yep I did indeed. I’m not a very logical thinker, so when a nail polish doesn’t state anything about pulling a lid off I naturally don’t bother to try to take it off. Thank you Butter London for telling me. Away I go painting my nails with Illamasqua raindrops, and my hand is getting annoyed by the hefty lid. After one coat the annoyance appears. Instagram then gets a bit of an ear’ole off me about it. Cue my embarrassment when I’m told the lid comes off by Margaret and Susan haha.

ilamasqua lidThought my thumb was going to drop off after, it was on THAT tight.

ilamasqua raindrops tape manicureRaindrops took 4 coats for full coverage. If applied evenly it would probably only take 3. Mine went on in a random order. First night I had 3 coats on, and then the next day after volunteering I added the fourth coat. Now I have to say I am very impressed that I only had one tiny chip after volunteering, because I scrubbed two barbecue grills with no gloves!!! Messy horrid work that was.ilamasqua raindrops

blurry holo

For a subtle look I added a little art deco tape design in Up colors Azul disco. The design isn’t noticeable at all unless your up close, then BAM it shows it sparkly goodness in direct light.

I’ve lost my nail mojo again it seems. I wore my heart manicure for 6 days, then I couldn’t think of anything to do on my nails. I’m putting it down to the excitement of opening my nail art accessories shop She Sells Seashells, and getting impatient for my stock. I really am excited, and have had lots of help and advice from the nails community! Heres to hoping it works out…..Now only if my stock would arrive  -_-.

Thank you for your patience 🙂



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Pastel tape manicure

Tapey time. Haven’t used stripping tape in a while, so it was time to dig it out. Now there is some terrible shrinkage coming up. You all know the culprit!! Seche vite. Never have I had shrinkage this bad before. It was that bad I gave up on clean up. Seriously annoyed me.

gradient tape manicure

Before the top coat annoyed me I was already disliking this due to the multiple coats of polished used. Looked thick and nasty. I decided to do a gradient underneath to add some fun to the manicure.

tape manicure shrinkage

It’s horrible isn’t it?! Got to stay true to my blog and post the failures.

essie bikini so teeny, we're in together and seche may be modest

I used Essie bikini so teeny, Seche vite may be modest, and Essie we’re in it together.

Thank you 🙂

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