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Mini egg nails

I have had a lovely easter sunday. As per tradition we go down to my Nan and granddad’s (in-laws). There was some great food and deserts, and then some crazy puzzling with my sister-in-law, aunty, and Nan.

mini egg nailseaster14

I swear it’s my last bunny manicure for a while. 3 in a row is a lot, but look at the cuteness. On my nails I have models own in swan, and on my ring finger I have a free nails inc unknown shade and the bunny decals from she sells seashells. Then I used a chevron decal to look like the cracked shell of the mini egg partially covering the bunny.

Thank you.

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She’s a Monet

That line from clueless sums this manicure up. From afar its pretty, but up close it’s messy. Now I’m on a bunny rabbit roll it seems.

bunny decals All polishes used here except from the blue are the Ciate doll house collection. The sad part about the collection is they are mattes which I wasn’t aware of, so they were drying to matte super fast. With topcoat I still find them pretty.

bunny colour blockingI am really loving the bunny decals from the shop, and the add such a fun element to this manicure.

ciate doll houseClean up went horribly wrong, so I had to touch it up and decided not to risk it with more clean up. This took way too long to do. The least time-consuming part was the water decals.

Sorry about the cuticle oil.

Thank you.

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That time I accidentally

deleted the pictures off my memory card thinking I had already transferred them to my computer. Usually I wouldn’t mind much, but this manicure was gorgeous and may well be my favourite. Or at least in my top ten. Good thing I was enamoured by it, as I put pictures on Instagram.

holo gradient I used GOSH holographic hero, UP colurs azul disco and verde 360. I managed to do a really great gradient with them, by my standards its classed as great anyway. m_a_tom did the lightening stripe design on her IG with different colours, and I desperately wanted to recreate it. Luckily I found the lightening nail stickers available in this country and saved my self some pennies. On my little finger I added some white star sticker to UP colors verde 360. Absolutely love the UP color line of holographics, and lucky me owns 3 all of which I’ve found in blog sales.

lightening tape manicureSorry for the awkward photos. Really loved this manicure.

tilly fangTo make up for the awkward photos you get Tilly the vampire cat.

Thank you.

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What I want for Christmas

is  a new body or some new insides. Seriously its exhausting having a body as crap as mine. You would think having a major back operation would give me a get out of illness card or something, but nooo. Ok ok so I’m feeling sorry for myself, but I don’t care. I  handed my last assignment in on Tuesday and officially broke up for winter. Yet I still haven’t had my chill day to watch the jungle book I purchased for myself in Sept/Oct. These nails I will eventually show you should have been posted thursday night until…..I found a smidge of cat pee on my bottom sheet grrr. Everything snowballed from there. My niece ended up pretty ill and I spent the better half of the day with my niece and sister at the hospital getting her rehydrated. Damn chest infection, at least she won’t horribly on xmas now. Anyway being up for the majority of the night then being at the hospital I was lazy. Got on with the rest of the day, and eventually chilled with my sister watching american horror story and reshaped her nails almondy. The shape suits her rather well too. All of a sudden I start feeling sick which I thought was related to a health issue I have. Turns out it was a sickness bug……seven glorious hours of it. It didn’t end either. Yesterday was spent sleeping feeling crappy like I had the flu, and well today I’m not feeling as sick so I’m rehydrating myself. All the well laid plans to get rid of the presents were ruined.

These nails were for the christmas party in the class I volunteer with once a week. They all had a total blast seeing santa!


They didn’t turn out fabulous, but hey ho. I attempted to copy  miaonoirnails (ig) design on my index finger. I saran wrapped it with 2 greens to look like a tree, then a coat of a sinful glitter which in hindsight I shouldn’t have done. Then I quickly slapped the dots on. Should have taken more care with the dots as it doesn’t really translate the design well.

I actually was a huge lazy bum. My nails were at a ridiculously long length, and they curve as they grow. I didn’t have it in me to file then down, so I chopped them off instead. Ooopsy.

Thank you listening to my moaning.

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Orly star spangled freebie from cosmopolitan

If none of you have realised yet I’m a bargain hunter. That’s why I get so excited when magazines give away brands free. Last week it was glamour, and this week its cosmopolitan. I will admit I wasn’t impressed with colours Orly were giving away free from the promo picture. I went for the gold glitter originally, which ended up being the same as last years nails inc glamour glitter. I didn’t think twice about the red as it looked metallic.

orly star spangled 5mlBoy was that promo picture bad, because this red is a beauty. It’s called star spangled, and is a gorgeous red filled with lots of red micro glitter.

orly gingham

This is 3 coats of star spangled. There were no issues with application. It actually went on like a dream.

orly freebie cosmoFirst thing I did after I had finished was check how much was left in the bottle, and shockingly there is lots left. That was the only downside to freebie it being only 5ml. In all reality though how often do we use a whole bottle of full size nail polish, unless its our favourite.

orly star spangled cosmo

Tonight I have a fancy dress 21st, and I’m going as little red riding hood. That’s why I tried my hand at doing some gingham.

Hope this is helpful 🙂

Thank you.

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