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Zoya Payton the blackberry

I tried to talk myself out of Zoya Payton I really did, but its too beautiful to resist. On the plus side I found a site where I can purchase Zoya’s for high street prices which is a huge help.

zoya payton and barry m countessSorry about the tip wear.

zoya oaytonIt even compliments my pale skin tone. Such a vampy colour.

payton and accent nailFor a quick accent nail I added Barry M countess and dotted some topcoat on. The dots are a lot more visible in real life. Countess is a shade I’m looking forward to seeing top coated.

paytonI’ve also found a nail length that I’m happy with for squared off nails. Sadly one broke, but I refuse to file and cut them down because they took ages to file and I absolutely hate filing with a passion. The smell of it is blergh.

Only down side for me and Zoya’s is the topcoat business. This time I added Butter London fast dry topcoat which isn’t very fast drying for me. It hasn’t made a difference on the wear time sadly, so sadly tip wear appeared within 24 hours. It is still one of my favourite polishes just for the gorgeous colour. It reminds me of blackberry juice when applying. Way back when I used to be covered in the stuff from blackberry picking with my parents. I think I may have to go blackberry picking this year, as it’s been a few years since I’ve been.

Thank you for reading.

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Conquering something you thought you would fail at is always great. Ruffian manicures have always been oh so pretty, but looked oh so complicated for me. I took a chance and didn’t mess it up woo.

ruffian zoya

ruffian pixie dust

Not sure how I feel about the pixie dusts :/. I will give it another try though.

shiny ruffian

Having a bad experience with zoya and seche vite I went with another topcoat. The dents just started happening I had no control, so I had to quickly snap a picture on my phone. Good job I did as when I got home it was that dented it needed removing.

These are the polishes. The periwinkle blue is zoya Jo and the pizie dust is Nyx.

zoya Jo and Nyx

Thank you 🙂

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Zoya Aurora take 2

Learning from my mistakes here. Aurora didn’t last too well last time. Turns out you shouldn’t use fast drying topcoats with Zoya polishes. This makes Zoya a lazy day only brand what with all the waiting involved. Cue the lazy day.

mix and match

On the pinky I used Paris sparkles in blue waters. Middle finger was dots on top of dots.

models own mystic mauve

zoya aurora

I tried something new on my thumb I saw somewhere. If it’s your idea let me know so I can credit you. Using my nail art brush I just made different lengths of stripes. It doesn’t show up too well on camera.

This manicure wasn’t what I was aiming for. I attempted water spotting. It just wasn’t working and I was wasting polish. Not really shocking considering I can’t water marble either.


Products used: Sally Hansen double duty. Zoya in Aurora. Paris sparkles in blue waters. Models own in mystic mauve. Nails inc in Devonshire row. Dotting tools, and nail art brush.

Thank you.

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Zoya Aurora, and a caviar mani

Zoya’s Aurora and all it’s sparkly goodness was meant to be my NYE mani. Which it was, but straight after it had dried I was on the floor with a torch scouring the house for one of the diamonds out of engagement ring. It was found thankfully! My poor mani suffered some tip wear though. Instead of removing it, I added another coat of Aurora.


 Caviar mani’s never really appealed to me. Maybe it was the price of Ciate’s caviar that put me off. My sister came across MUA nail constellations whilst out shopping, and surprised me with it. My niece picked the colour out. I opened the front door and she thrust it at me declaring I had a present. Love her to bits. My sister is really supportive of the blog, and knew I hadn’t tried a caviar mani. I got Gemini.


It’s like a rainbow having babies on that thumb. Me and my mom spent about 10 minutes trying to get the caviar open thanks to the tiny piece of plastic keeping it in. The rubber gloves were out, and everything. Turns out you pop the top off not screw it off. Apparently my sister spilt it everywhere yesterday ha ha.


This is the caviar without a topcoat. If I had a party or was going up town I would leave it without the topcoat, but I want to see how long it lasts with topcoat.


I promise it doesn’t have that ugly sheen to it, it’s just the camera. When I applied top coat the purple balls immediately started to lose colour. I applied basic topcoat then Seche vite on top.


On this hand a few of the purple balls held their colour. The bottom of the nail is missing a few, because when I was poking they came off I didn’t apply more as then there would another 2 layers of topcoat then another of SV and it wouldn’t have dried. At the moment I’m impressed with it. I will get back with the results of how long it lasted.

Products used: Mua nail constellations in Gemini, Sally Hansen double duty, Seche vite, and Zoya Aurora.


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Christmas haul

This Christmas I was a very lucky girl. Let me show you why.


All these goodies were off my fiancé. His sister wrapped everything up in here took her an hour and a half. Its so heavy I have to carry it with two hands. Inside it came with 2 nail files, cotton buds, cotton pads, cotton buds with remover inside, cuticle cream, nail polish remover, konad tools and bundle monster plates. Seche vite top coat and restorer both in professional size. Oh and the beauty case. Now onto the polishes in the box.


My first indies aphrodisiac from wonder beauty products, and blue waters from Paris sparkles. Both from Etsy.


4 to remove from wish list XD. From the N.Y.C ballet collection Barre My Soul, Care To Danse?, Don’t Touch My Tutu! and You Callin’ Me A Lyre?.


The A listers collection from Nails inc. It includes Lower Sloane Street, Ledbury Road, Mayfair, Covent Garden Ballet. Covent garden ballet is so pretty!!!


Nails inc the lollipop collection. It includes Devonshire Row, Porchester Place, Notting Hill Carnival and Hyde Park Gate. Just think of all the stamping possibilities with these.


This huge collection called colour burst from Nails inc. It includes Great Putney street, Putney bridge, Kensington, Brindle, Sheraton street, Fenchurch street, Westminster, Hampstead Heath, Holland park and Porchester place.


He got this free from nails inc. The rest are off other friends and family.


Look just look I own the full size Baker street O.O!!! This is Nails Inc ASOS Exclusive New York Navy Fashion Collection. It includes Royal Arcade, Baker Street, Sloane Gardens and Motcombe Street. One of my friends got it me :,).


This is Umberto Giannini painted lady glaminks set it includes Lady Violetta, Lady Cloudia, Lady Love, Lady Luscious, Lady Stellar and Lady Gilt. My aunty got me this set. Guilt set in when I found out the lengths she went to get it. My cousin went to boots 3 times to get it. The 3rd time it was specially ordered in to a store about 20 mins away. Boots are everywhere near us, so the fact she had to go driving round shows dedication. I’m shocked by how popular this set was.


This was in my stocking from my adopted nan and grandad. The colour is gold vision.


My other friend got me these. I’ve never used Rio nail art pens so I’m looking forward to using them.


I NEEDED THIS! and I got it XD yayyyyyyyyyyy. All that sparkle in one bottle.

How lucky am I?! I love it all!! time to play with them all. I have such good family and friends <3


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