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The best Halloween glitter EVER

At some point in summer Sally Magpies had a sale and I thought it was a good time to pick up my very first Pretty Serious polish. Bloody bride was sold out and then I saw Haddonfield. I wasn’t a hundred percent sold on it, but I knew I would either love it or hate it. My mom actually loves it.

ps haddonfield

haddonfield pumpkin

pumpkin stencil haddonfield

I did have a bit of a chuckle last week. A little one asked why I had Halloween on my nails already. For my accent nail I used a Jessie’s girls polish I’ve forgotten the name of, and then used a nail art brush to add the holographic stripes. The face was done using the pumpkin face stencils in the shop and a-england bridal veil.

I’m now in love with this polish.

Thank you.

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