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The candy man can

I’ve made it to day 2 of early morning blogging! Little victory there after last nights horrendous and stressful sleep.

Ep and jindie nails

neon and holo



Enchanted polish May gets used a lot 1/5 of the bottle has been used. The same goes for March as well. I only know this because I went on a helmer shuffle yesterday. Regretted it as soon as I started, but there’s no polish pile in front of the helmer. I’ve gone off track here….

Enchanted polish May was used on my thumb, index and pinky finger. For the double accent nails I used Jindie nails candyland remix. Whilst I liked this manicure I’m struggling to figure out when I would wear it again. Think I would prefer using my polish me silly neons sandwiched between O.P.I don’t know touch my tutu. For a little extra bling I added the gold rope bows from the shop.

Thank you and good morning!

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