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This is Halloween….

…… everybody make a scene, trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright!! I thought my title was appropriate considering my pumpkin was Jack the pumpkin king. Although I’ve never associated The nightmare before Christmas¬† with Halloween considering they live in Halloween town; Odd I know, but ever since I can remember I knew it was Christmas either by the tree going up or Disney showing The nightmare before Christmas.

TADA! He lost a stitch I know. Carving my pumpkin was supposed to be a fun task that turned out stressful, and time consuming. Then he lost a bottom stitch, and I lost my temper a bit as you saw on twitter….whoops. Anyway enough about that lets go onto my nails.

Ignore the yellow nail I forgot to put on base coat a couple of times, and I paid the price. I learnt yesterday that by being cheap it made things complicated. I had a set of Sally Hansen salon effects in spun for you. Trying to be clever I thought I could only use one packet, and save the other. You get 16 strips split into 2 packets, but once you open them your meant to use them so they don’t dry out. They didn’t all fit my nails great as they come in varied sizes. The smallest pinky finger would probably only fit my niece it is that small! With there only 8 I managed to use my pinky finger strip for both hands, and with remaining one create an accent nail.

Then because I couldn’t stand seeing naked nail around the edges I decided to tape manicure it. It turned out like my pumpkin really stressful and time consuming :/ Its messy, and the imperfections are staring at me but it took too damn long to do to just remove it. Cant be as bad as I thought though got 4 compliments on them.

I gave up on clean up as I didn’t have the time. Dealing with real polish strips was a bit odd, as I’ve used Nail rock wraps, and the products are so far apart. Sally Hansen salon effects are flimsy, tear easily, but don’t crease as much as Nail rocks wraps do. Nail rocks are easier to handle, last for a week before wear becomes apparent, but then are tricky apply without creasing. We shall see how these nail strips survive, I would definitely use them again but would use the two packets as you should.

Polishes used: as usual my No7 2 in 1 base coat. Sally Hansen salon effects in spun for you. Models own peacock green. Seche vite top coat (the holy grail).


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