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To matte or not to matte?

opi alcatraz rockspale as a ghost

On with the texture roll. Alcatraz rocks from O.P.I  is intriguing to me personally with the blue, pink and purple glitter in it. Tip wear was brilliant with this one.

Now this blue shimmer has probably been knocking around since this time last year……don’t judge me! Two easy coats too XD. Yay for L’oreal mystic glacier. Decided to jazz it up with a bit of a glitter gradient with I snow you love me from O.P.I.

On my left hand on the little finger I decided to try out my O.P.I matte topcoat, and well I’m not sure on a whole matte nail. It stayed matte the whole time I wore this manicure. Probably looked a bit loopy.

Thank you.

P.S. Who wants to take me on holiday? 😉

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