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Twit Twooooo says the owl

In the land of Swishie I would declare everyone should own a bottle of sinful colors rise & shine!! Loving this colour!

sc rise and shine shimmer

Rise & shine dries matte, but oh well. The shimmer with the colour is an instant winner for me. This was very plain originally, then my sister came over and wanted a gradient. I was about to go in the shower so I gave her the supplies. BIG NO NO. I don’t know what she had done, but I attempted to fix it. Looks like I will have to teach her the ways of gradients. After I saw my sisters colour combination I decided I should do the OPI catch me in your net gradient too. Then I added my little owl from YRnails decal.

sc rise and shine

The colour is a lot brighter and more vivid in person. Haven’t had time to mess about putting my light tent up lately sorry. I feel these decals went on a lot better than the last ones. This time I cut them down more.

Products used: Nailtiques formula 1 base coat. Sinful colors in rise and shine. OPI catch me in your net. YRnails decals. Make up sponge. Seche vite.

Thank you.

pst. Thank you Ink

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