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Valentine’s day nails

Fun fact: I hate valentines day. Now I do take part in it with my other half, but I still think it’s a stupid day. You won’t ever catch me at a restaurant on vday paying silly prices for one day. Yet here I am doing full on valentine’s day nails…..Yes I worry myself sometimes but hey ho.

fgt pretty in pinkI decided to use FGT pretty in pink for my accent nail. Morie’s glitters are perfect for me.

valentines 2014Then on top I added some make it stick design hearts and arrows I got as a sample with my order.pretty in pink sparklesSee I was getting there slowly. This epic light pink filled glitter bomb is from Loki’s Lacquer and was a gift from Natalia when I brought a load from her blog sale. Yay for exchange rates.

lokis lacquerThis is 3 easy coats of perfection!!!

lokis lacquerI’m slowly seeing progress with my application skills. The only clean up I’ve done on my last few manicures has been topcoat clean up, as I slaver it on in a rush most of the time so yay me. Loving this manicure, and have already had a few compliments on it.

I’ve posted like crazy tonight as I seem to have accumulated a few blog posts, but haven’t had the time lately to post, but I have an ear infection and this is my way of relaxing.

Hope those that celebrate have a good day tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.

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