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Valentines day is not my thing, but for some reason I felt compelled to do a valentines manicure and whats more appropriate than a heart?!


Confession time. The heart is meant to be in the centre…….no clue how it ended up there. It looked central when I stuck the tape down. Due to the fact I’ve only just learnt how to make hearts with my dotting tool I thought it would be best to make the big heart another way. To make the big heart I folded a piece of masking tape in half then cut half a heart into it. Pull it apart and voila perfect heart.


On my middle finger I dotted two small hearts underneath the big one. My original plan was just to have one heart, but I messed that up. The dots just seemed an obvious choice for me. I’m shocked they actually look like dots, because this is my right hand, and being a righty it ends up disastrous usually.


These were the polishes I used Nails inc in glamour glitter, China gaze in merry berry, and Models own in raspberry crush.


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