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What a beaut

One of my birthday presents was from Hannah, and boy did she smash a lemming. When Mr Postman delivered it I actually had no clue what it was seen as Illamasqua send them in plain black boxes. I also got MM17 from Saira! So that obviously had to be used asap as well. The dragon fly image is beautiful.

Now this manicure needed the light box to show its beauty, but I haven’t got the time or had it lately to set it all up. So I apologise that colour your seeing isn’t it’s true colour.

Illasmaqua & nopiOn my accent nail I have NOPI sing you like a bee not that you can see it much due to my dodgy stamping .

illamasqua facetOne of the girls on my course I’ve recently started talking to has actually started to notice my nails, and she really liked this manicure and my nail shape. She was examining them to see if they were my real nails haha.

illamasqua and messy mansion stampingNow I have to say this shade should be in everyones stash, because it’s such a beauty!!!

Thank you Hannah and Saira!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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