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What have I brought this week you ask?

Way to much that’s what! No more buying for me until boxing day. I want the China glaze all that glitters set that’s all. Nothing else. Last Saturday my a-england polishes arrived.

What’s not to love about a-england?The collections have fabulous names. A majority of the polishes are full coverage in 2 coats. Delivery in the U.K. is fast and FREE. Granted it’s not a brand I can buy whenever, but Adina puts on sales throughout the year. Bloody good ones at that, so I have to make the most of them. These three lovelies are from the sale that has just ended. Bridal veil (black holo) I have wanted for ages. It was on offer in a duo with Morgan Le Fay for £10.00 who could resist that offer? Not me. The sale featured Adina’s newer collections mostly, and I had been eyeing up Lady of Shallot when bloggers released swatches for the Gothic beauties collection. Lady of Shallot was £6.00.

I purchased China glaze fairy dust topcoat for £6.35 (roughly all but a few pence) off Ebay. I was going to buy a huge Nothern lights topcoat, but its double the price and that’s without postage. Plus my sister owns it so I can always lend her. Now for some HUGE news, well huge for me. I found a Sally’s WOOOOOOOOO. All by accident too. As you know I’ve moaning about my sv. I really needed it for yesterday so I could crack on with my Christmas challenge nails. A couple of weeks back on my way out of town I noticed a sv display in a shop window. It’s cheaper to buy on line, but it wouldn’t have been delivered on time. Yesterday before going to uni I popped in. Low and behold its said Sally’s in bright pink letters. The only reason I never noticed it existed as its on the edge off town by rubbish shops. The sales assistant was really nice; We got chatting like you do. After grabbing my sv, I head to the counter and I see China glaze polishes. This is a big deal for me as nowhere around me stocks it. My brain starts screaming ‘check for glistening snow’ on repeat. No sign of it until I get to the till, and its opposite me. Obviously I had to buy it. It was waiting for me to snatch it up!  Then I look at the till and look what’s on sale.

This had to be added to my purchase. For £3.78 that’s extremely cheap. At the beauty warehouse the mini sets are around the £6/7 mark. I picked up two. It will come in for a present or something. My excitement over finding a Sally’s was like I was on my way to Disney land Florida! After my spending I needed a drink so at Costa coffee I put the bag on the counter, and it fell off onto a tiled floor. :O the horror. I probably looked a bit deranged scrambling through my bag to check my new babies! False alarm they were completely fine. Phew.

After Sally’s I promised myself no more buying. I broke the rule just after 24 hours not good. Today we visited my aunty about an hour from home. Did a little Christmas present shopping, and pass Poundland. I cant help but check the nail polishes, and apparently buy two more polishes. Will you look at that mint green, its heavenly. Green tea will most likely become a favourite of mine as I’m a big mint green fan. Spectrum HD is such a pretty blue it just belonged to take its rightful place along side my other blues. For £2.00 I’m not moaning and neither is anyone else. Poundland your the best!!

That’s 12 polishes in a week oh my gawd :O. I am running out of space to arrange them neatly too, so I have got to reign myself in :(.


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