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Where was my invite? ;)

These nails of mine felt like they should have been celebrating in America for the 4th of July. No invite 😉 plus no money meant no America for me aha. The polish that started this was a present from Saira.

indie gift 2

I bet your thinking duh the American fag is blue, white and red not blue, red and pink.

indie gift

Loving this combo! The blue and the glitter mix were presents. Nan and Grandad brought me 4 Rimmels in bright colours off their holiday. They know me too well.

My Seche Vite needs refilling. I get just below the half way line and it constantly plays up -_- so annoying. The red is Nails inc its red babez which was a freebie.

I was waving my slightly patriotic nails around wishing I was over the pond in the warmth on a beach or maybe a pool waiting on the bbq with a cocktail in my hand with my American friends  ;). I can dream right?

My hands and nail polish remover seem to be at war. I use non acetone remover to avoid my skin freaking out, but the past few times I’ve removed polished they have ended up going nasty anyway. That’s why you guys get super shiny hands; gave them a crap load of moisturiser to soak in.

Thank you.

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