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Zoya Payton the blackberry

I tried to talk myself out of Zoya Payton I really did, but its too beautiful to resist. On the plus side I found a site where I can purchase Zoya’s for high street prices which is a huge help.

zoya payton and barry m countessSorry about the tip wear.

zoya oaytonIt even compliments my pale skin tone. Such a vampy colour.

payton and accent nailFor a quick accent nail I added Barry M countess and dotted some topcoat on. The dots are a lot more visible in real life. Countess is a shade I’m looking forward to seeing top coated.

paytonI’ve also found a nail length that I’m happy with for squared off nails. Sadly one broke, but I refuse to file and cut them down because they took ages to file and I absolutely hate filing with a passion. The smell of it is blergh.

Only down side for me and Zoya’s is the topcoat business. This time I added Butter London fast dry topcoat which isn’t very fast drying for me. It hasn’t made a difference on the wear time sadly, so sadly tip wear appeared within 24 hours. It is still one of my favourite polishes just for the gorgeous colour. It reminds me of blackberry juice when applying. Way back when I used to be covered in the stuff from blackberry picking with my parents. I think I may have to go blackberry picking this year, as it’s been a few years since I’ve been.

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